Visiting New York with Family

Visiting Central Park Zoo

In this year Thanksgiving, we visited my parents who lived in New York. We visited them at least once a year either Thanksgiving or Christmas. The kids also have so much fun in New York. Here are the lists that I could recommend when you are bringing your kids to New York

Take a Cruise around the Statue of Liberty
I know it sounds a bit touristy, but it is a fun thing to do. We took a 60 minutes cruise around the statue of liberty. We took the boat from Pier 15 on the east side of New York City and the boat will go around and you could see the Empire State of Building, Manhattan Bridge, Governor’s Island and many other tourists’ attraction. for others whose English is not the first language, they also have multilingual audio that could be downloaded before the trip.

Visiting Central Park Zoo
My children love to go to the zoo, so this is a perfect trip for them. Central Park Zoo has the perfect size for toddler and mommy like me that don’t want to walk too much or get tired on chasing my children. They have sea lions, polar bears, penguins, and many other attractive animals. They also have a petting zoo section that is really a fun activity for the children. The cafeteria also offers affordable and nice food for kids such as pizza, chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers and many more.

Riding a Carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge
Jane’s Carousel (yes, we have the same name!) is located under the Brooklyn bridge and set with the backdrop of Manhattan skyline. Since this carousel didn’t open every day and different schedule on winter and summer, go to the website to find more information about the schedule and opening hour. If you have a child under 3 years old, the admission ticket is free but need to be accompanied with adults. However, the adult ticket is very affordable which is around USD$ 2 per ticket.

Strolling the Central Park
Central Park is really huge, and we spent many hours to explore the massive parks. We like to watch ducks at the pond or just walking around the park and enjoy the view. I like to pack some sandwiches and fruits, so we could sit down and enjoy the food. There is also a carousel in central park that your children could try.

Visiting New York with the family could be also a fun activity that you could try. Since we have my parents who lived there, we don’t have lots of problems to find other kid’s friendly activities to explore. For those who want to visit New York with the children, I recommend you go to the above places and enjoy your days in New York.