DIY Felt Easter Egg

Felt Easter Egg Craft

I love good Easter crafts. And by good I mean something that is fun to make but looks really good as well. These felt eggs are absolutely adorable and honestly they could be modified for many different holidays. I could see Christmas trees, Valentine’s Day hearts, St. Patrick’s Day clovers and much more. Check them out and let me know what you think! DIY FELT EASTER EGG DECOR MATERIALS: White cardboard or posterboard Hot Glue Felt in different Spring colors {Read More}

Easy DIY Monogrammed Easter Eggs

Monogrammed Easter Eggs

Easter is quickly approaching and I know that many of you are planning to dye eggs this weekend, right? We love going all out and doing some really fun eggs. This year we are monogramming our eggs among other things. These are so easy and fun to make. They take just minutes and your kids can even do them by themselves. They can really great creative with letters, numbers and shapes. There is no wrong way to do these eggs. {Read More}

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Tie Dye Easter Eggs-27

Easter is coming up and my kids are already thinking of all of the ways that we can color eggs this year. I like simple and easy but my kids really enjoy spending time together decorating eggs. This year I am trying to do easier eggs so that all three kids can easily dye eggs and this method works wonderfully. It is much easier to put dots of dye on each egg plus the paper towel gives it a little {Read More}

7 Tips for the Perfect BBQ ~ Glad Black Bag Trash Crashers #trashcrashers @getglad


We love grilling out. In fact, if it were possible my husband would make absolutely everything on his grill. He loves it that much! We tend to entertain a lot and are always using the grill. I thought that I would share some of my tips on how we prepare and execute the perfect BBQ. 7 TIPS FOR THE PERFECT BBQ 1. Decide on theme (if you are having a theme), invite your guests and shop for food. Try to {Read More}

Easter Bunny Marshmallow Bark ~ Easy 4-Step Process

Easter Bunny Marshmallow Bark Ready to Serve

My kids get so excited for Easter every year. We love baking treats to share with friends and family. I especially love recipes like this one where little hands can easily jump in to help mom. In fact, this is the perfect recipe for all three of my children to help make. This the cutest, tastiest and most festive Easter bark that I have seen yet. It is simple to make with just a four step process. EASTER BUNNY MARSHMALLOW {Read More}

6 Surprising Health Facts About Lemons

Some lemons inside a wooden bowl. Fruits

There are 6 surprising health facts about lemons that you might not have known. Eating a lemon everyday can do more for you than almost any other fruit. Go grab a bag of lemons and thank me later. Here are the top reasons why lemons should be a part of your daily diet and will help you get fit or stay in amazing shape all year long. Every time you are at a restaurant, squeeze 1-2 wedges into your water. The best way {Read More}

Easy Easter Egg Bunnies Craft for Kids

Easy Easter Egg Bunnies - Fun & Simple for Kids to Make

Now I love crafting with my kids but when it comes to my youngest, I have to say that sometimes her crafts are a little…unrecognizable. What I mean is that you can tell she put it effort but I am a little embarrassed to ask her what it is because why would I want to hurt her feelings over something like that? I want to build my children up so instead I might say, “I love the purple and pink {Read More}

6 Tips for Introducing Your Child to a Dog

6 Tips for Introducing Your Child to a New Dog puppy

Dogs are so cute until they are not. Many kids think that they are cute and cuddly so they tend to feel more comfortable around them and as a result they might run right up to a dog they don’t know. Snakes and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. Not just little boys, virtually all children love dogs and the feeling is very much mutual. Notice how one’s own dog runs to the window, ears perked up, when he or she {Read More}

Easter Decorations Roundup

Easter Decorations 3

We love celebrating Easter in our house. The kids and I love to decorate and we are always searching for cute things to put around our home. The get so excited for the Easter bunny visiting our house that we tend to go a little overboard. We still have a fabulous time decorating eggs, leaving carrots for the Easter bunny and then celebrating Easter together as a family.  Here are some of the cutest Easter decorations we have found this {Read More}

Button Caterpillar Craft

Button Caterpillar Crafy Completed Easy & Fun for Kids

Do you have a whole jar of buttons begging to be used? I know that I do. I save every single button from every piece of clothing that I have purchased over the past 10 years. We have a LOT of buttons. There are so many fun ways to craft with buttons, and this button caterpillar craft is one of them! Made from just a few simple supplies, you can craft a button caterpillar just like this one. This is {Read More}