5 Fall Locales Worth a Visit

5 Fall Locales Worth a Visit

Fall is a time of bright colors and crisp air.  You want to lace up your boots and grab a jacket so that you can head outside to enjoy all that this season has to offer.  If you truly want to revel in the beauty of autumn, there are some destinations that you should consider heading to.  These are all family-friendly places that will allow you to truly absorb the colors, scents and tastes that fall has to offer. OREGON {Read More}

5 Fall Activities to Enjoy on a Farm

5 Fall Activities to Enjoy on a Farm

If you are near a farm during the fall season, there are many activities you can take advantage.  Farms all throughout the United States have a variety of family-friendly events that are usually budget-friendly too.  Just call around and find the perfect one for your family. HAYRIDES Hayrides take you along paths so that you can explore your surroundings.  Some will take you around the farm and some will go into the woods.  Some of these are haunted, so be {Read More}

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom in Disney World #DisneySide

"Happy HalloWishes" fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom

During select nights between September and November, from 7:00 PM until 12:00 AM, the Magic Kingdom®hosts Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. On those nights, the theme park becomes a masquerade party where anyone of any age may dress up as their favorite character and enjoy the festivities as they scavenge the theme park for treats. This unscary party is designed for those who want to celebrate the fun parts of the holiday but would rather not be exposed to {Read More}

Canal Vacations in the United States

Canal Vacations in the US

The canals of America are no longer necessary to transport goods, which was their original purpose, but they do provide scenic waterways. After the railroads began to dominate the transportation scene, a lot of the canals that were created were left to fill, go wild or abandoned entirely. It wasn’t until years later, when communities began focusing on the need for more recreation areas that many of these old canals were rejuvenated, dredged out and then reopened to the public {Read More}

Vacations to Collect Gems, Geodes, Fossils & Stones

Rockhound Vacations in the US

On a road trip or planning a road trip this year? Instead of stopping to see the world’s largest ball of yarn, why not plan a detour to mine for gems, find a diamond, dig for a fossil or hunt for geodes. Here are a few detours or trip additions that the entire family will love! CRATER OF DIAMONDS STATE PARK IN ARKANSAS There is a state park where families are welcome to come and dig for their own diamond {Read More}

Exploring Yosemite With Kids

Exploring Yosemite With Kids

Time outdoors in our National Parks is the best way to teach kids about nature, how we need to respect the outdoors and do what we can to protect it. Yosemite is one of the most jaw dropping, incredibly breathtaking places in the world, and its right in our own backyard. The entire family has access to this pristine destination for less than the price of one amusement park ticket for a single family member. Why not give your children {Read More}

Dr. Oz is Moving to @WSBTV ~ Bringing Healthy Back with Dr. Oz Health Expo 9/13 #DrOzOn2

Dr. Oz 2

On September 8, 2014, Dr. Oz is moving to Channel 2 WSB-TV  at 3PM. In addition, Channel 2 WSB-TV, Piedmont Hospital, Alere, Covidien, and Linx are sponsoring the “USANA Presents: Bringing Healthy Back with Dr. Oz”  health expo. Dr. Oz will be in attendance this Saturday, September 13th from 9a-5pm at the Downtown Hilton. The Health Expo is free to attend, but registration is encouraged for attendance (and required for a seat at the “90 Minutes to a Healthier You” {Read More}

Dark Sky Vacations that will Delight the Family

Sedona Dark Night Vacation

Dark sky is not something most children growing up in the city or suburbs are familiar with, even low light pollution levels create a lot of glow. Wide open spaces during the day are beautiful places to enjoy the view, but at night the star littered sky and Milky Way steal the show. Dark sky locations all over the world have been recognized for their work to both recognize and preserve these locations, and it is important that children know {Read More}

European Cities on the Water #familytravel

European Cities on the Water

Cities that seem to rise up out of the water are enchanting and alluring for adults, so its understandable that cities that could one day be underwater seem like the coolest places in the world to children. All over the world people have looked to hard to reach places on the water to build cities, recognizing the strategic location and protection the water offered. In many cases, the city was not entirely cut off from the mainlands to which they {Read More}

Easy London Day Trips

Easy London Day Trips

The great thing about the United Kingdom is that its small size makes it possible to plan a couple day trips to see even more during your vacation. The bad part is that there is so much to see and do that it can be difficult to narrow down the choices to just one or two destinations. Take into consideration the difficulty of reaching destinations that you have in mind, as well as the options for putting together an entire {Read More}

Why You Should Go RVing #GoRVing


We have talked about it for a few years now. At first, I have to admit that I was slightly against the idea. My husband had brought up the idea of driving across the country in an RV. He wanted to stop at national parks, visit various landmarks and most of all he wanted to spend time with his family. The thought of driving our own house around the country was intimidating to me. I thought that it might be {Read More}

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida @Kissimmee #RockYourVacation

Discovery Cove Beach

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida provides a huge number of different attractions that are suitable for all people of all levels of physical fitness and ability. Because the park only allows in 1,300 people every day, it is possible for all visitors to have an experience that will be memorable. The following attractions are available to those who purchase the Day Resort Package from Discovery Cove. EXPLORER’S AVIARY The Explorer’s Aviary offers a tremendous amount of different types of birds {Read More}