How to Bake Delicious Cookies from Scratch

Bake Delicious Cookies

Hello, my name is Jane and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I love to travel and try new recipes. Last month I just bought a new oven and I love to do experiments on baking cookies. Here are some tips on how to bake cookies from scratch.

Always Follow Ingredients on the Recipe
If you are using a recipe either you take it from a carton box of the wheat flour or from the internet, make sure that you measure correctly for the ingredients on the recipe. Don’t try to substitute the ingredients or reduce the quantity so you could get the result as what you have expected.

Use the Parchment or Baking paper
When you want to put your cookies in the baking tray, don’t forget to put the baking paper on the tray first, also you will need to make the space between one cookie dough to another because it will expand and of course you don’t want all them to stick together. Also, remember to keep the cookies dough chilled in between of baking.

Try Oatmeal Cookies for Healthier Version
I love baking cookies, but I am also afraid if everyone at the house could gain weight because of the cookies that I made. So, I look for the healthier version of cookies such as oatmeal cookies. I also put the brown sugar to substitute the white sugar.

Fun Children Activities
I don’t mind when my daughters come to the kitchen and help me even though sometimes, they make more mess than helping. Baking cookies could be a fun experience for them and they could learn something new. They really love when they could decorate the cookies with some chocolate or if they could do the icing of the sugar cookies.

For me, baking cookies is so fun! There are hundreds of recipes that I could find online and trying new
recipes in the kitchen is one of my “me time”. How about you? What is your favourite “me time”?