Trying the Indonesia Recipes


My husband told me about some popular Indonesia recipes, so one day we decided to eat in Indonesia restaurant around the town. We tried some Indonesia food. The taste is really good. That was my first time to try Indonesia food and I couldn’t forget the taste.
I started to browse some Indonesia recipes through the internet because I really want to cook fried rice and satay. I made 2 dishes so far and the taste was good. I will share the recipes here so you can make it for your family.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is quite popular out there. Indonesian love to eat the fried rice as the breakfast or dinner menu but not for lunch. The main ingredients are rice, garlic, red onion, sweet soy, soy sauce, sesame oil, egg, and red chili. If you love spicy food, you can use more chilies as you like.

Put the garlic, red onion and chili in a food processor until it made a paste. Stir the paste into a frying pan with little cooking oil. Stir well until it smells good and put the egg on it. After the egg cooked, put the rice and mix it well, add the soy sauce, sweet soy, and sesame oil.

Don’t forget to add the salt. Check the taste. You can add more salt or sweet soy if needed. You can eat it with crackers and some slices of cucumber.


Satay is another popular dish from Indonesia which made from the chicken meat. What makes satay special is it served with delicious peanut sauce. It makes perfect. You need to prepare the chicken breast. Take the meat only and cut it into the cubes. You need to place 4-5 slices of meat in the wooden stick and grill it until cooked.

I just use the peanut butter to make the peanut sauce. You can make the basic spices for the peanut sauce by crushing the minced garlic, black pepper, minced onion, soy sauce, cumin and cooking oil on the food processor to get the paste. Cook the paste and peanut butter on the pan with cooking oil on it. Stir well until the peanut sauce is cooked. You can eat the satay with the rice cake.

These two Indonesia recipes that I tried at home are quite easy and taste delicious. If you get bored with your daily menus, you can try to cook these recipes.