How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies

How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies

How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies – Aside from pregnant woman and toddlers, there is one more condition that needs special attention in a trip; children with food allergies. They cannot eat specific foods or their bodies will react strongly. Is there any way to ease the parents’ burden?

– Be More Selective For Hotel Equipments And Location
Keep in mind that children with food allergies cannot deal with even a drop of the forbidden food. Therefore, buying food should be the last option parents could take. It is far better and safer to cook food. In this case, parents should find hotels with kitchen equipment. If these equipments are not mentioned in the website, then email or give them a call.

Next thing to check is hotel location. Remember that you are going to cook. It is impossible to bring fresh groceries along with you. Then find hotel which is located near to traditional market or big market with fresh produce. Making practical choice like this is essential in every aspect, including when you choose for your online gambling games site.

= Look For Suitable Restaurants Beforehand
You are going to enjoy holiday with your family. Why does it feel like you are just moving into another house? It might be because of the cooking. Dining out once in a while is great option. However, you need to find restaurant that could cook tasty food even without the forbidden ingredients. Make a lot of calls if needed to make sure about this point.
Don’t forget to prepare Chef Card. There are tons of free templates online. It basically tells the restaurant chef about your children’s food allergies. Print out some of them and give one to the waiter as you place your order.

– Pack Emergency Drug And Document In Your Pocket
No matter how well you are preparing, things might go wrong. A pancake from nearby store might have sprinkle of peanut your children cannot deal with. This won’t be your first time seeing the reaction, so take action immediately. Bring all the medication needed, even if it is an injection.
For safety reason, you might need to bring official letter from your doctor. As you know, airport security won’t allow syringe on the board. Show the letter for their reference.

Some parents are patient enough to wait until their kids are big enough before they plan a family trip. Mom and dad might think that their children will have less trouble since they are older now. What if they have food allergies? Surely they need to be cautious while planning the trip.

Safe and Healthy Travel Tips For Pregnant Women
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Safe and Healthy Travel Tips For Pregnant Women

Safe and Healthy Travel Tips For Pregnant Women – Carrying an unborn includes a lot of emotions. Mother has to pass many new changes within their body. Things might not be favorable, especially for first pregnancy. In the early months, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to motion, smell and taste. For this reason, they need extra care when going on a trip.

Drink Enough Water
First rule for pregnant woman; don’t let yourself get thirsty for too long! Even though water won’t make you full, mineral in it will stabilize your system. If you are not pregnant, probably your body can still work well with less water. Since you are pregnant, water deficiency will cause a lot of troubles. Remember that no water allowed passing airport security gate.

In this case, your best bet is buying water after you pass security. Drink as many as you need and grab the biggest bottle you are allowed to bring in compartment. Pregnant mother should be well hydrated, just as player need enough money to play . So, ask.

Pack Bags of Snacks
Another thing pregnant mother should have regularly is snack. Who knows about flight delay or long period of wait? Both conditions will delay lunch and dinner time as well. This is not good for women’s pregnancy. Thus, it is better to prepare lots of snacks.

Safe and Healthy Travel Tips For Pregnant Women

There are several tips for buying these snacks. First, buy them when you are in good mood. Chewing on your fifth favorite cookie instead of the most favorite ones is suck. Second, avoid any snack that needs to be refrigerated. Choose ones that could be safely stored in zipped bag. Third, pick something nutritious and less salty.

Eat Before or Bring Home Made Food
It has been mentioned previously that pregnant women are sensitive to smell and taste. If you choose trip by plane, there is low chance to love airplane food. Forget the idea of buying those food whenever you can. It is far better to fill up before flight. Sometimes this means waking up at 3 AM and start cooking.

Several flights take hours, but does it mean you have to force yourself to eat the unappetizing food? Not at all! Pack a small lunchbox and put them inside your hand bag.

Many people say that pregnant mothers are in their most vulnerable state. Nothing could deny this statement. They literally require more care and extra attention. List what you need and try your best not to miss them. If you could do it, then the trip will be more comfortable and safe.

When Mothers Travel With Children
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When Mothers Travel With Children

When Mothers Travel With Children – Traveling is for everyone. Even mothers with children can also enjoy their journey together. Unfortunately, many people rarely take this option. They argue that children will be difficult to handle. Apart from that, there will be too many things to carry. Before you agree, these tips might be your solution.

Keep it clean

The child’s immune system has not been built properly. Therefore, they need to be careful about germs, especially in new countries. Try to minimize contact with germs by packing hand sanitizers or wet wipes. It is important to have it within reach of the hand. So, mom is better put it in a handbag, not in a backpack.

You need to know when to clean. How often do you have to clean? Unless the mother believes that the object is clean enough, it’s better to erase something. This rule applies especially when children are going to eat. Also, clean after eating. Don’t wait for the children to play with the scattered sauce!

Plan a vaccine
As many parents know, timely vaccination is important for children’s health. It’s also a reason for many parents to cancel their plans to travel with their children. If you are new to childcare, children after vaccines are not best friends. They usually experience fever, rashes all over the body and even skin irritation after wearing diapers.

Considering the conditions, the mother must plan the vaccine at least one or two weeks before the trip. This will give you time to deal with vaccines after the effects. In addition, your children will appreciate the healing time before going on a long journey.

Choose Night Flights
This trick was borrowed from professional backpackers. Because they want to enjoy more places and trips during the day, they prefer to move at night. This brilliant idea can be applied to mother and child travel plans as well.

Children are usually more active for days. They want to play and run while the sun is still rising. When it’s dark, they will be less active and prepare to rest. If you choose the morning or evening flight, children are difficult to control. Therefore, choose a night flight.

Doing things with children truly multiplies everything; happiness, experience and problems too. Never give up the joy of traveling together just because of the crowd. There are several ways to make it easier. You just need to be brave enough to try. Are you ready for a trip?

Mom’s Hack about Toys
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Mom’s Hack about Toys

Mom’s Hack about Toys – Being a mom is never easy somehow, especially when your kids want to buy new toys every time you go to the mall. They may play with the toy for several days, then put it aside and whine for a new one. If you let the kids take whatever toys they want, you may find that you get over budget. There is a hack for you, mom, to make old toys as exciting as the new one.
• Safe It First
Too many toys and the room seem crowded? You can keep some toys away in your storage. This way, you can make your kids play a specific toy for some time and will minimize the chance your kids taking out all the toys out and making the entire house messy. Then, when you can get the kids new toys, you can move the existed toys into the storage room.

• Rotate and Move It Around
What if there is no budget to get new toys? Then you can rotate the toys. Take out their toys from the storage and save the current toys in the storage room. This way, the kids may feel like having new toys. In the same way, you can play one online gambling in and switch to other options immediately when you are bored. It will give you new options of online gambling every day.

You can also try to move the toys around. So, for example, your kids play the toy in the living room for several days, then you can move it into your working room, or dining room if you have space for it. This way will make your kids get a new atmosphere so they will not be bored easily with the toys.

• Teach the Kids to Share
When there are so many toys in your house, you can teach your kids to share the toys with those who need it. It may be hard in the beginning, but you can try to give an understanding that the toys will be more useful if the kids give them to the other.

The unused toys may be a way for you to teach your kids good things. You need to be creative, and you can save the budget for anything else more useful rather just than toys. Good luck moms!

Simple Recipes From Egg
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Simple Recipes From Egg

Simple Recipes from Egg – Cooking can be a challenging thing to do, especially from some peoples. Whether you are men or women, you need to be able to cook for yourself and your family because that is an important life skill to be achieved. Here are simple recipes from the egg that you could be your saver when you need to prepare something delicious in a limited time.

– Oven Omelet

Most people can’t say no to the omelet. This food is delicious and easy to make. Some people just don’t have much time preparing their breakfast. This egg recipe can be your option for having a delicious breakfast in the morning or even for brunch. To make oven omelet, you need to prepare 8 eggs, half and half cream, cedar cheese, chopped ham or your favorite, minced green pepper and minced onion.

All you need is whisking the eggs and half-half cream in the big bowl and put the rest of the ingredients in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients and stir them well. You need a baking dish to place the mixture and put it in an oven. Set the oven into 400 degrees and bake it for 25 minutes.

– Scrambled Egg with Pimientos

The next recipe is a scrambled egg. This food can be an option when you don’t need much time to cook various meals because of your hectic schedule. You need to prepare some ingredients to make scrambled eggs with pimientos, such as eggs, milk, salt, pepper, butter, fresh parsley, all-purpose flour and of course pimientos or cherry pepper.

All you need to do is whisking the eggs and milk in the big bowl. Add pepper, pimientos, parsley, and salt into the eggs, mix well. In a small bowl, put the flour and milk and mix it well. Pour it into the large bowl and stir the mixture well. Heat the pan with the butter and pour the egg dough into the pan. Cook it by stirring it until the egg cooked well.

You can cook oven omelet and scrambled eggs with pimientos when you don’t need much time to prepare the meals. These recipes are so simple and easy to make. The taste is delicious and has great nutrition as well.

4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas
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4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas

4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas – Having a busy day and still need to cook dinner for the whole family? Well, you should think simple and fast, so you can take a rest, but the family needs will be fulfilled. Try to follow these simple family dinner ideas and make your family surprised.
• Instant Pot Meatloaf
Who doesn’t love instant pot? This kitchen tool is always reliable to get the meal ready faster. The timer can also be helpful so you can do anything else while cooking. One of the easy recipes using instant pot is the meatloaf.

You need to mix the ingredients first, such as beef, milk, bread crumbs, ketchup, eggs, onion, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, garlic powder, mustard, salt, and pepper; then put it into the instant pot with water. After it is ready, transfer the meatloaf to the oven to broil only for five minutes. While waiting, you can probably gives yourself a little online gambling fun by accessing, and play one of the online gambling games. Glaze it with ketchup, brown sugar, and mustard; put it back to oven just for two minutes, and the delicious meatloaf is ready to serve.

• Creamy Lemon Garlic Salmon
Wants to serve a fish dish for your family? You can try this salmon recipe. Just grilled the salmon on the skillet and put it aside. Using the same pan, melt the butter and sauté garlic and flour. Put the heavy cream in and whisk and let it thicken. Add a few drops of lemon juice and lemon zest. Put the salmon back and let it simmer. Done! Easy and delicious.

• Grilled Cheese
The kids love cheese dish and definitely will dig in the grilled cheese for dinner. Just spread the butter on one side of the bread and put the butter side down on a skillet. Top the bread with a generous amount of cheese and make a sandwich with another slice of bread with the butter side up. Let the cheese melt and the bread getting golden, then turn it over.

• Creamy Three-Cheese Spaghetti
Another cheese dish that the kids will love is this creamy three-cheese spaghetti. You only need to cook the pasta, then drain and set it aside. Then, sauté the garlic in a large skillet, add broth, heavy cream, and reserved pasta water. Put in the spaghetti and cook until the liquid simmers. Put off the heat and toss Italian cheese, season with salt and pepper, and it is ready to serve.

Try one of those dinner recipes tonight, and you can get a relaxing time soon. They are simple, easy, and of course delicious. The recipes can be adjusted for a big family too so you can make a large portion in one-time cooking.

What to Cook for Christmas?
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What to Cook for Christmas?

Christmas is in just a few days and I haven’t known what to cook for Christmas. Do you get the same problem as I am? Well, my daughters ask me to roast the turkey for Christmas dinner. Turkey is a big bird that not easy to conquer, don’t you think so? However, I cannot say no to those little angels, so I decided to practice in the kitchen for making a delicious and crispy turkey. Sounds great right, but it really takes a lot of efforts.

This time, I would like to share with you some tips in making a crispy yet juicy roasted turkey for Christmas dinner. I have been through some trial and errors, but the good news is I succeed in making a delicious roasted turkey for my family. You don’t have followed the errors I made in the kitchen a couple of days ago. Just follow my tips.

Salted Turkey
The salt functions to keep the moisture of the turkey. This step is important and you cannot skip this step since this made the meat juicy and tasty. You can salt the turkey one night before you cooking it. Just sprinkle the salt on all over the turkey and leave it for overnight without cover it. You may put the salted turkey on the fridge.

Used Little Baking Powder
The baking powder can make the turkey skin crispy and savory. You can add one tablespoon of baking powder to the salt and sprinkle it to the turkey.

Cooked the Stuffing First
Turkey won’t be a Christmas turkey without adding some stuffing in it. Some people fill the turkey with raw stuffing and hope it will cook perfectly with the meat. For me, I have tried this way and it doesn’t turn good for me. I still can taste the raw food on the stuffing. So, instead of putting it inside the raw turkey, I prefer to cook the stuffing first.

You can cook it and keep it inside the foil. After the stuffing is cooked, you can place it inside the turkey with some garlic, sage, and slice of lemon. It will make the stuffing taste delicious after roasted with the turkey.

Check the Oven Temperature
This is the last tips but this one is extremely important to note. Keep your eyes on the temperature because it can make the turkey overcooked if you don’t keep the right temperature.

Roasted turkey for the Christmas is a good idea, isn’t it? You can cook a turkey for making the Christmas special and memorable. It is just a perfect dish for the whole member of the families.

Tips to Make Your Children Eat Vegetables and Fruits
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Tips to Make Your Children Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Make your children eat fruits and vegetables is a homework for all moms. I remembered how I try several attempts to make them eat the fruits and vegetables but sometimes they are not 100% success. So, based on my experience, here are some tips that I have tried and actually work for them.

Try to Mix Vegetables with Their Favourite Food
I made my homemade nuggets from the scratch and I like to put spinach or carrots inside of the nuggets. I prefer to chop the vegetables into very small pieces, so the taste could blend with rice the chicken. And they really like this nugget and never complained about the vegetables.

Add Fruits as Their Daily Snacks
You can wash the fruits and keep them in the fridge. You also could make the fruit popsicle as refreshment during summer. My children really love eating chilled watermelon that I have cut and kept it on the fridge. Make sure to always check if the fruit is still fresh to eat.

Try Vegetarian Recipes
Since I like to try many recipes, I also like to explore the vegetarian recipes for chilli, spaghetti or lasagna. If your children still want to have meat or chicken inside of the food, try to combine it to appeal their appetites. Surprisingly, my children also like to eat stir-fried broccoli with jasmine rice.

Be a Role Model
Children imitate in lots of things that their parents do or say. Therefore, my husband and I try to be a role model for them. We eat lots of fruits and vegetables in front of them and we really enjoy it. It makes it easier for my children to eat fruits and vegetables.

So, I hope with the above tips could help you to Make Your Children to eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Always do experiments of what your children will like and never give up.

Five Ideas for Delicious Breakfast
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Five Ideas for Delicious Breakfast

Morning routine could be so chaotic, especially when you have two daughters that you need to take care in the morning. I always think that breakfast is an important meal for the family, therefore I never skip preparing breakfast for my family.

Here are several ideas from for preparing easy but delicious breakfast :

  • Raspberry and Banana Smoothie Bowl
    My daughters love this smoothie bowl because of the pink colour. it is also very simple to prepare. Put two cups of raspberry, two bananas, a half cup of Greek yoghurt, a half cup of milk into a blender, mix it well. Then I will put it on the bowl and put almond, granola and toasted coconut flakes as the topping.
  • Tacos with Scramble Eggs
    Actually, I tried this recipe because of my daughters’ complaint to me that they get bored with the scrambled eggs. Therefore, I tried to modify it and put it into corn tortillas so it is more appealing for them. I warm the tortillas and put the scrambled egg, cooked beans and top it with cheese.
  • Chocolate Granola with Yoghurt
    Sometimes your children could be tired eating the oatmeal bowl with fruit slices. So, once I tried to give them the chocolate granola and mix it with the Greek yoghurt. Since my daughters are a big fan of chocolate, of course, they really like this food for their breakfast.
  • Banana Roll with Peanut Butter
    This is quite easy to make and good filling for your children. You just need to warm up whole wheat tortilla, then spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, put the sliced banana and chocolate chips or chocolate sprinkle then roll it. Your children will love the combination of peanut butter, banana and chocolate.
  • Overnights Oats
    This is actually my husband favourite breakfast which I could prepare it one night before. Mix a half cup of rolled oats, a half cup of almond milk, a half cup of Greek yoghurt, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of chia seeds and slices of strawberry or raspberry. Mix it all together and put it in a container and store it in the fridge the whole night. You will save lots of time in the morning since you just need to take this from the fridge and enjoy it right away.

These five recipes are easy to make and could save lots of hassle in the morning. Other things that I like to prepare for breakfast is the whole fruit that I have washed and keep in the fridge, of course, fresh orange juice for the kids and coffee for my husband and me. So, what did you prepare for this morning breakfast?

A Day Trip to Disneyland: Survival Tips
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A Day Trip to Disneyland: Survival Tips

I have two daughters with the age of seven and three years old. They are obsessed with Disney princess. So, visiting Disneyland is their favourite trip. But it could be a very challenging experience for a mother to bring the kids to Disneyland. Here are some of my survival tips that you can consider on your next trip to Disneyland.

  • It’s Not Easy to Go There Alone
    I mean without any adult accompany you. I remember what my mom said to me when I still have one kid and want to go there, Jane, you will not be able to handle it if you go alone, let me go with you!. So, I went to Disneyland with my daughter and my mom, it was the best decision.
  • Bring Two Bags
    One bag will be for heavier stuff and you could hang it on the stroller and another bag is the essential stuff such as park tickets, wallet, phones, snacks and of course diapers. Since sometimes you need to wait in the line without your stroller, so you need to separate this essential stuff in your backpack.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes
    Since there will be lots of walking and even chasing in a day, you will need to wear comfortable shoes to go to Disneyland. I always wear sneakers since it is the most comfortable shoes that I have. Also, don’t wear new shoes to avoid any blisters.
  • Bring A Stroller
    Yes, a stroller is very helpful when you are visiting Disneyland. When your children are tired, they could be in the stroller and you can stroll around so it saves lots of energy instead of holding them. Try also to have a stroller with umbrella covers to protect from the sun and rain.

Also, don’t miss the Disneyland parades, they will love it! Another recommendation will be to buy the fast passes for the popular rides you save more time. The most important is to have fun and enjoy the magical day at Disneyland!

How to Bake Delicious Cookies from Scratch
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How to Bake Delicious Cookies from Scratch

Hello, my name is Jane and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I love to travel and try new recipes. Last month I just bought a new oven and I love to do experiments on baking cookies. Here are some tips on how to bake cookies from scratch.

Always Follow Ingredients on the Recipe
If you are using a recipe either you take it from a carton box of the wheat flour or from the internet, make sure that you measure correctly for the ingredients on the recipe. Don’t try to substitute the ingredients or reduce the quantity so you could get the result as what you have expected.

Use the Parchment or Baking paper
When you want to put your cookies in the baking tray, don’t forget to put the baking paper on the tray first, also you will need to make the space between one cookie dough to another because it will expand and of course you don’t want all them to stick together. Also, remember to keep the cookies dough chilled in between of baking.

Try Oatmeal Cookies for Healthier Version
I love baking cookies, but I am also afraid if everyone at the house could gain weight because of the cookies that I made. So, I look for the healthier version of cookies such as oatmeal cookies. I also put the brown sugar to substitute the white sugar.

Fun Children Activities
I don’t mind when my daughters come to the kitchen and help me even though sometimes, they make more mess than helping. Baking cookies could be a fun experience for them and they could learn something new. They really love when they could decorate the cookies with some chocolate or if they could do the icing of the sugar cookies.

For me, baking cookies is so fun! There are hundreds of recipes that I could find online and trying new
recipes in the kitchen is one of my “me time”. How about you? What is your favourite “me time”?

Trying the Indonesia Recipes
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Trying the Indonesia Recipes

My husband told me about some popular Indonesia recipes, so one day we decided to eat in Indonesia restaurant around the town. We tried some Indonesia food. The taste is really good. That was my first time to try Indonesia food and I couldn’t forget the taste.
I started to browse some Indonesia recipes through the internet because I really want to cook fried rice and satay. I made 2 dishes so far and the taste was good. I will share the recipes here so you can make it for your family.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is quite popular out there. Indonesian love to eat the fried rice as the breakfast or dinner menu but not for lunch. The main ingredients are rice, garlic, red onion, sweet soy, soy sauce, sesame oil, egg, and red chili. If you love spicy food, you can use more chilies as you like.

Put the garlic, red onion and chili in a food processor until it made a paste. Stir the paste into a frying pan with little cooking oil. Stir well until it smells good and put the egg on it. After the egg cooked, put the rice and mix it well, add the soy sauce, sweet soy, and sesame oil.

Don’t forget to add the salt. Check the taste. You can add more salt or sweet soy if needed. You can eat it with crackers and some slices of cucumber.


Satay is another popular dish from Indonesia which made from the chicken meat. What makes satay special is it served with delicious peanut sauce. It makes perfect. You need to prepare the chicken breast. Take the meat only and cut it into the cubes. You need to place 4-5 slices of meat in the wooden stick and grill it until cooked.

I just use the peanut butter to make the peanut sauce. You can make the basic spices for the peanut sauce by crushing the minced garlic, black pepper, minced onion, soy sauce, cumin and cooking oil on the food processor to get the paste. Cook the paste and peanut butter on the pan with cooking oil on it. Stir well until the peanut sauce is cooked. You can eat the satay with the rice cake.

These two Indonesia recipes that I tried at home are quite easy and taste delicious. If you get bored with your daily menus, you can try to cook these recipes.

What to Cook With Rice: Delicious Food Ideas
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What to Cook With Rice: Delicious Food Ideas

Lately, I am so obsessed with rice and I have tried to combine this with several dishes. Also, it is a good source of carbs to substitute bread or potatoes. I like to combine the rice with other dishes, so here are some of my recommendations about food pairing with rice

How to Cook Rice
In order to have a nice fluffy rice, you can cook rice with two methods: with or without a rice cooker. It is very easy to use the rice cooker, you rinse the rice first then put the right amount of water on the pot (I use 1 ½ cup water for 1 cup of rice), put it in the rice cooker, and press the button. But if you don’t have any rice cooker, put the rice on the pot and soak it for 20 minutes, drain the water and put fresh water and cover it about 2 inches above and start to cook it into medium-high heat for about 15-20 minutes.

Rice is Very Good with Any Stews and Any Stir-Fried Foods
We like to eat rice with any chicken or beef stew. We like it better with a basmati rice or jasmine rice. Basically, I tried a variety of stir-fried Chinese food and it’s very nice to eat them with rice. My first daughter’s favourite is stir-fried chicken with cashew and onion and of course steamed jasmine rice. I also like to cook stir-fried vegetables with beef and have rice as the side dish.

You Can Try to Make Rice Rolls
Once when I went to the Asian Food Store, I found this Japanese sushi rolling mats. I like to make rice rolls for my children lunch. I will use the short-grain rice and will put salmon, avocado, cucumber or tuna for this rice rolls.

For a healthier option, you could also try the brown rice which has low sugar lever and more fibers. When you cook brown rice, it should be longer and put more water than white rice. So, what’s your favourite dish with rice?

Visiting New York with Family
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Visiting New York with Family

In this year Thanksgiving, we visited my parents who lived in New York. We visited them at least once a year either Thanksgiving or Christmas. The kids also have so much fun in New York. Here are the lists that I could recommend when you are bringing your kids to New York

Take a Cruise around the Statue of Liberty
I know it sounds a bit touristy, but it is a fun thing to do. We took a 60 minutes cruise around the statue of liberty. We took the boat from Pier 15 on the east side of New York City and the boat will go around and you could see the Empire State of Building, Manhattan Bridge, Governor’s Island and many other tourists’ attraction. for others whose English is not the first language, they also have multilingual audio that could be downloaded before the trip.

Visiting Central Park Zoo
My children love to go to the zoo, so this is a perfect trip for them. Central Park Zoo has the perfect size for toddler and mommy like me that don’t want to walk too much or get tired on chasing my children. They have sea lions, polar bears, penguins, and many other attractive animals. They also have a petting zoo section that is really a fun activity for the children. The cafeteria also offers affordable and nice food for kids such as pizza, chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers and many more.

Riding a Carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge
Jane’s Carousel (yes, we have the same name!) is located under the Brooklyn bridge and set with the backdrop of Manhattan skyline. Since this carousel didn’t open every day and different schedule on winter and summer, go to the website to find more information about the schedule and opening hour. If you have a child under 3 years old, the admission ticket is free but need to be accompanied with adults. However, the adult ticket is very affordable which is around USD$ 2 per ticket.

Strolling the Central Park
Central Park is really huge, and we spent many hours to explore the massive parks. We like to watch ducks at the pond or just walking around the park and enjoy the view. I like to pack some sandwiches and fruits, so we could sit down and enjoy the food. There is also a carousel in central park that your children could try.

Visiting New York with the family could be also a fun activity that you could try. Since we have my parents who lived there, we don’t have lots of problems to find other kid’s friendly activities to explore. For those who want to visit New York with the children, I recommend you go to the above places and enjoy your days in New York.

Homemade Avocado Recipes
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Homemade Avocado Recipes

Hi, I’m so in love with avocados lately. I used to eat it without adding any additional ingredients but I guess I’m kind of bored. I tried some homemade avocado recipes that very easy to make and I want to share with you.

Avocado Guacamole
Avocado can be served with fried bacon. Have you ever tried it before? You don’t need much time to cook this recipe. This recipe is so simple and yummy. My daughters love the tastes and make it as their favorite snacks. I don’t know whether this should be a dish or snack because it is so delicious. Ok, now let’s start to prepare the ingredients.

All you need are ripe avocados, fried bacon, tortilla chips, lime juice, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pepper and salt. All you need to do is mashing up the ripe avocados in the bowl and mix with the whole leftover ingredients. Add the salt, pepper and lime juice and stir well. The avocado guacamole is ready to serve with tortilla chips for fans.

Avocado Toast with Egg
The next recipe is inspired by the yummy toast I bought in the street food couple of week ago. This simple dish is perfect for breakfast. The main ingredients are ripe avocados, egg, cheddar, salt, sliced onion, pepper, butter, and fried bacon. I use bacon because it is easy to fry, but if you want to change it with beef, tuna or chicken, that also will be great.

To make avocado and toast, you can start by slicing the avocado and make a hole in the middle of it. Fry the avocado with egg. Put the egg in the hole and season it with onion, pepper, and salt. Wait until the egg cooked and you can eat it with fried bacon.

Avocado Popsicle
This one is my daughter’s favorite. There is nothing can go wrong with Popsicle! This recipe is also easy to make and your children must love it. All you need are ripe avocados, sugar, organic chocolate (I used Lily), coconut milk and lime juice. You can blend all of these ingredients and leave it at freezer for overnight.

Avocado can be created into various delicious menus for your family. You can try my homemade avocado recipes for the breakfast and lunch menus. I will share my other recipes in my next post. It is so much fun to share what I got with you guys. See you around!

A Mom Free Day: What Did I Do in One Day
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A Mom Free Day: What Did I Do in One Day

So, my husband was taking an extra off and he knew that I felt so exhausted lately with a routine as a housewife. So, he said in the morning, “Jane, do whatever you want to do today! No worries about the kids, I will take care of them” I was so excited and started to enjoy my “me time” and here what I did in one day

Enjoying Breakfast that My Husband Made
As someone that used to be a chef before, it was easy for him to prepare breakfast not only for me but for our two daughters. I had the mix omelette, baked tomato, sautéed potato and sausages. My daughters had chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs and fresh orange juice. It was so nice to be able to enjoy breakfast without the hassle of preparing it.

Four Hours Spa Treatment
Since we lived in LA, so there are lots of options of nice spa treatment. I am lucky that I am able to book on the same day. I had a one-hour massage and 30 minutes facial on the private room then I had the manicure and pedicure afterwards. The place was so relaxing and the therapists also very skilled and friendly.

Late Lunch with My BFFs
In the morning I called two of my girlfriends if they had time to meet me for lunch today. One of my friends is a model and she just came back from a project and had free time and the other one is a housewife and she managed to have her mom to take care of her son. So, we had time to meet and have lunch in a nice bistro. It had been quite a long time that three of us could spend time together like this and chat about our life.

After meeting my friends, I went back home, and my husband said, “you still have free time today, you don’t want to go somewhere else?” I answered, “Nah, I missed you and these beautiful kids! I have enough of “me time” and want to spend the rest of this evening with all of you. But will you cook us dinner?”