How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies

How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies

How to Travel With Children Who Have Food Allergies – Aside from pregnant woman and toddlers, there is one more condition that needs special attention in a trip; children with food allergies. They cannot eat specific foods or their bodies will react strongly. Is there any way to ease the parents’ burden?

– Be More Selective For Hotel Equipments And Location
Keep in mind that children with food allergies cannot deal with even a drop of the forbidden food. Therefore, buying food should be the last option parents could take. It is far better and safer to cook food. In this case, parents should find hotels with kitchen equipment. If these equipments are not mentioned in the website, then email or give them a call.

Next thing to check is hotel location. Remember that you are going to cook. It is impossible to bring fresh groceries along with you. Then find hotel which is located near to traditional market or big market with fresh produce. Making practical choice like this is essential in every aspect, including when you choose for your online gambling games site.

= Look For Suitable Restaurants Beforehand
You are going to enjoy holiday with your family. Why does it feel like you are just moving into another house? It might be because of the cooking. Dining out once in a while is great option. However, you need to find restaurant that could cook tasty food even without the forbidden ingredients. Make a lot of calls if needed to make sure about this point.
Don’t forget to prepare Chef Card. There are tons of free templates online. It basically tells the restaurant chef about your children’s food allergies. Print out some of them and give one to the waiter as you place your order.

– Pack Emergency Drug And Document In Your Pocket
No matter how well you are preparing, things might go wrong. A pancake from nearby store might have sprinkle of peanut your children cannot deal with. This won’t be your first time seeing the reaction, so take action immediately. Bring all the medication needed, even if it is an injection.
For safety reason, you might need to bring official letter from your doctor. As you know, airport security won’t allow syringe on the board. Show the letter for their reference.

Some parents are patient enough to wait until their kids are big enough before they plan a family trip. Mom and dad might think that their children will have less trouble since they are older now. What if they have food allergies? Surely they need to be cautious while planning the trip.

A Mom Free Day: What Did I Do in One Day
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A Mom Free Day: What Did I Do in One Day

So, my husband was taking an extra off and he knew that I felt so exhausted lately with a routine as a housewife. So, he said in the morning, “Jane, do whatever you want to do today! No worries about the kids, I will take care of them” I was so excited and started to enjoy my “me time” and here what I did in one day

Enjoying Breakfast that My Husband Made
As someone that used to be a chef before, it was easy for him to prepare breakfast not only for me but for our two daughters. I had the mix omelette, baked tomato, sautéed potato and sausages. My daughters had chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs and fresh orange juice. It was so nice to be able to enjoy breakfast without the hassle of preparing it.

Four Hours Spa Treatment
Since we lived in LA, so there are lots of options of nice spa treatment. I am lucky that I am able to book on the same day. I had a one-hour massage and 30 minutes facial on the private room then I had the manicure and pedicure afterwards. The place was so relaxing and the therapists also very skilled and friendly.

Late Lunch with My BFFs
In the morning I called two of my girlfriends if they had time to meet me for lunch today. One of my friends is a model and she just came back from a project and had free time and the other one is a housewife and she managed to have her mom to take care of her son. So, we had time to meet and have lunch in a nice bistro. It had been quite a long time that three of us could spend time together like this and chat about our life.

After meeting my friends, I went back home, and my husband said, “you still have free time today, you don’t want to go somewhere else?” I answered, “Nah, I missed you and these beautiful kids! I have enough of “me time” and want to spend the rest of this evening with all of you. But will you cook us dinner?”

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