Wordless Wednesday – Pet Shop Kids {LINKY} #ww #wordlesswednesday

We love spending time in pet shops. We don’t buy anything but we love seeing what animals they have.

This is a local, small pet store that supports the community and offers AKC puppies (no puppy mills here). The employees are fabulous and all clearly pet lovers.

This place is awesome!!

They were talking to each other!

They have private pet cubicles where you can play with a puppy.

Look at all of the pretty colors!

Look what is on this sleeping lizards back. HIS DINNER!

Pretty sure I am going to have a not so great dream about this guy tonight.



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  1. We love going to the pet store and animal shelter!

  2. I was fine until that last photo, thanks for the heebie jeebies!

  3. Jacqueline @Blessings Abound Mommy says:

    We visit our local pet store from time to time. Our zoo is like an hour away so it saves us time and money and the kids enjoy looking at all the different pets there. The only drawback is they always want to bring one of them home. LOL!

    • I know what you mean. We want to bring them home too. It is tough but my kids understand (at least they pretend too). They never beg or even ask to bring the pets home.

  4. Sounds like a great pet store.

  5. That tarantula freaks me out! YIKES!!

  6. Misadventurous Mommy says:

    Awesome photos…a pet store would not be safe with my kids around!

  7. I love checking out pet shops too but I still prefer going to the zoo. By the way, that parrot looks really cute, I wonder what words it can pronounce.

  8. I always enjoy your write-ups.

  9. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Great store! We visit PetSmart sometimes just for fun.

  10. I could have done without the spider photo!

  11. That puppy is adorable!

  12. Birds and dogs – great. Even lizards – OK. Any form o’s spider – NO WAY!!!

  13. I want to get a bird!

  14. We love going to the pet store to look, too – although ours doesn’t let us play with the pets like yours does!

  15. We love to stop by the pet shop as well, not the mall one though., I hate the mall one with all of those poor poor puppies in those tiny little glass boxes :( :( The one we stop at doesn’t have dogs or cats but it does have lots of birds and aquarium animals!

  16. Even if you aren’t going to buy one, I’m sure they LOVE that you come and play with the animals. It is so good for them. I wouldn’t be playin’ with that spider though. ewwww

  17. That’s a cool looking tarantula. My brother-in-law has a tarantula that is over 25 years old.

  18. That parrot is beautiful!!

  19. Fabulous pictures – that parrot is beautiful!

  20. My neighbor has a dog like that and it’s a hoot to watch it run up and down the fence with my 110lb mutt.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  21. That’s one of the best stops in a mall! The kids look happy, but I hope you left empty-handed!

  22. Very cool. I love browsing in pet shops, but your last two pictures are the aisles I totally stay away from. My granddaughter wants a turtle. I remember back in the day you could get one for a couple of dollars, and today HOLY CRAP! I could not believe how much they wanted. You couldn’t get an old turtle for less than forty smackers! I mean get for real here!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  23. Awesome and colorful pets! I’d stay away from the spider, too!

  24. Great closeup of the bird. I agree, you should have warned about the spider. Ick! :)

  25. We don’t have too many pet stores local, so we take trips to the zoo often. We have two zoos that are local and have been venturing to others not too far away!

    I LOVE that bird, he is so cute!

  26. How did you leave without the puppy! Oh man.

  27. How fun. I used to love going to the pet store when I was little.

  28. Wow! We are so going there! My little man would love it.

  29. Pet Shops are so fun! When we are lazing around the town we stop out ours. I LOVE that Parrot. SO pretty!

  30. lots of colors & fun for the kids. like a small petting zoo. So nice to know they don’t use puppy mills too. It must be hard sometimes to come home empty handed…

  31. That parrot looks amazing, it almost doesn’t look real.

  32. That first one of the bird is hilarious.

  33. That pet store looks wonderful. We love to go to pet stores and walk around too!

  34. MamaWise says:

    Awesome pictures, and that first one is absolutely stunning. The colors are amazing! Beautirul parrot!

    Happy WW!

  35. Thank you so much for supporting your local pet store. I own an independent pet store, too, that sounds a lot like the one you love so much. We sell no puppies at all and support several local shelters in the area. Thought you might like to see our own Wordless Wednesday posts of some of our favorite pets with their people. We loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  36. What temptation! It looks like you had a great family outing :)

  37. I love pet stores, but I always want to get a new animal when I’m there. I already have a house full, lol.

  38. Those are some neat animals, although that last picture made my skin crawl

  39. Adorable photos! I love the parrot! And the sleeping lizard with the cricket on its back is hilarious! :) Looks like tons of fun!

  40. I go to our pet store often for the kids love the bird room and my five year old son loves looking at the tarantulas .. he really wants one but I refuse to have one.

  41. What a fun (and nice) place!

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