Who are the Inspirational Travel Bloggers in the World?

Who are the Inspirational Travel Bloggers in the World

Everyone who already has a lot of free time will surely find many ways to entertain themselves. The way that many people will entertain themselves is by traveling. Moreover, there are many tourist attractions that can be chosen for traveling and can give a pleasant impression for our vacation time later. Everyone who even frequently travels or travels will also share their experiences on several social media and other internet networks. Where several people are also travel bloggers and are known by many people. Even being a travel blogger can earn a lot of money and experience for sure.

There are several travel bloggers who are quite well known throughout the world, and Indonesia is no exception. Some inspirational travel bloggers are:
• The first famous travel blogger was TravelMulu. Where the travel blogger himself is a travel blogger who has several titles with the theme of traveling. There are many articles that will immediately be found on the top page of his blog. When you choose an article, you will be immediately presented with several photo backgrounds that will make some people who visit their blog not feel bored. This blog shares experiences and photos of vacations visited around the world.
• The second travel blogger is Wira Nurmansyah. In his blog, there are many pages and views that will be very complete. Even because this blog provides information and also some complete things, it often makes you feel like you are visiting one of the news portals and online magazines that will discuss travel or travel to an area or tourist spot in the world.
• The next travel blogger is Jennifer Anandary. He is someone who has started his career by writing/ There is a lot of news and information that Jennifer has even written and published through her blog. However, over time, Jennifer herself even went on adventures and eventually became a travel blogger. In addition, there are many articles that can be found on his blog. Even Jennifer herself also has her own writings that are very easy to read, light and flow as they are.
• Backpack Story is another travel blogger who can be considered quite inspiring in the world. Where Ariev Rahman, who is the owner of Backpack Story, has visited quite a number of countries to reach 41 countries. There are many tips and tricks that you can get when visiting his blog. In Ariev’s own writings, you can find many interesting and funny stories about the journey he has taken since the first trip until now.
• Another inspiring travel blogger that you can use as an inspiration is a travel blogger from Javamilk. When you just open the blog, you will be greeted with a white blog that will decorate all the spots on this blog. Even his blog also has a meaning in Javanese, namely Javanese milk. This blog itself is a blog that he built since 2006 by Alisanta. The journey that he started started from being unreasonable and later became a travel blogger who was known by several people at large. In fact, he has even traveled to Europe and Japan.