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I was beyond thrilled to take my children on their very first trip to Europe this past summer. A lot of people have asked me about it. I saved for a long time and paid things off as I went along over the course of about 18 months until the trip date was here. I budgeted for food, souvenirs, we each took one suitcase and a backpack with us. We really traveled light.

Each of us returned a little more in love with being a family. There was a lot less fighting when we were all together and we really practiced our manners with each other. I won’t lie, there were a few tough days over the course of 7 weeks but this is not bad for me. I was able to relax, de-compress, not be as tied to my computer as I had recently been. I hate that about myself but I am one of the providers for this family so I did my best. I always have.

This summer I really challenged myself to personally connect with each of my children every single day. To tell them I love them even more. To pass out way more hugs and kisses than I ever have. I really wanted this to be an amazing summer for my kids. I wanted to introduce them to the Italy that I loved.

But here is the thing, I never dreamt that I would enjoy myself as much as I did. I had an amazing summer too. I never dreamt that I would love Italy once again as much as I did as an 18-year-old. This time I saw it through the eyes of a child and I would not trade that for anything.

Here are a few pictures from our visit to the Trevi Fountain:

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 1Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 9Trevi Fountain Rome Italy Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 7 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 6 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 5 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 4 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 3 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 2 Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 8Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 10

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  1. The pictures are beautiful, but your heart shows through much more. I am glad you were able to spend such a wonderful summer with your children. I am hoping to have a summer similar to yours very soon. I would like to take my children to visit our relatives in Jamaica. I want them to know their culture and embrace their roots.

    Thank you for hosting and sharing,

    Sophia´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Duck, Duck, Duck

  2. That is awesome, Stacie! It looks like you guys had a great time.
    Crystal @ Simply Being´s last blog post ..Scotch-Brite Cleaning Challenge: Bathroom

  3. Great photos.
    Meryl´s last blog post ..How Geeky Are You?

  4. Totally on my wish list and seriously hoping someday to make it there. What awesome pictures and loved hearing what a great time you had there with your children. Thank you for linking up over at Mommy Blog Hoppers with us and so happy to linkup with you, too!!
    Janine Huldie´s last blog post ..Dreams Can Come true: California Closets

  5. Awesome photos I enjoyed them

    Have a fantastical week ;-)
    stevebethere´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – IKEA Now Selling Cars

  6. Gorgeous photos.. and your post made me teary-eyed. Seriously.
    Alicia´s last blog post ..What’s In My Makeup Drawer – Buxom, Givenchy, Covergirl, & More

  7. How amazing! I’d never traveled much of anywhere, my whole life, until becoming a blogger. And now I’ve been to 7 states in less than 3 years :) But I’d love to expand my travel adventures overseas one of these days.. I’m dying to see Australia, and Ireland.
    Meagan Paullin´s last blog post ..Clean Your Whole House with the Click of a Finger

  8. These pictures are incredible! I can’t get over the amount of people there at the fountain, what an experience for you and your family! I’ve got Rome on my bucket list!
    Carrie with Children´s last blog post ..Hooray for the First Day of School!

  9. Such beautiful photos! Makes me want to go back for another visit.
    Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom´s last blog post ..Niagara Falls at Night

  10. I think my previous comment didn’t go thru (apologies if it did). I get goose bumps just imagining visiting here. What an incredible experience!
    Lolli @ Better in Bulk´s last blog post ..Back to School 2013 – First Day of School Pics #WW

  11. The details on those statures are just amazing!
    Alissa Apel´s last blog post ..WW: Creations of the week {Linky}

  12. Now that is somewhere I wish I could visit.
    Lovely ;photos.
    kewkew´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: August 28, 2013 (w/linky)- Fun at the Park

  13. We were there last year. You got some really nice shots, good angles for seeing the fountain.
    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes´s last blog post ..Do Not Put Child In Bag – Wordless Wednesday *Linky

  14. we went last year with the kids and we all made a wish – it was a beautiful time. great pictures!
    vera´s last blog post ..How To Use The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret (DEMO VIDEO) OUT OF CONTROL #bestofbeauty

  15. What great place to vacation, I love all the statues!!
    Karren Haller´s last blog post ..Fierce – A New Generation of Female Empowerment Wordless Wednesday

  16. Did you put your penny in to ensure a return visit? I’ve got mine in there! :)

    Beautiful pics.
    Rosey´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  17. WOW!!! Gorgeous!
    orangeheromama´s last blog post ..#wordlesswednesday – sisterly love at #beinggirl

  18. What a wonderful adventure! I am sure they will not forget this for a long time to come. I hope to take a trip to Italy some day! Did you find a language barrier to be hard?
    Bobbie`´s last blog post ..{Wordless Wednesday} I Spy A Sea Creature!

  19. I loved following along on IG. I had no idea you were there for 7 weeks! That’s amazing.

    And, it’s so beautiful there.
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?´s last blog post ..Posers | Wordless Wednesday

  20. These pictures are full of so much overwhelming beauty… I am mesmerized by all of it- what a magical place to visit!
    Melissa Chapman´s last blog post ..3 Tips to Cope with a Picky Eater

  21. Your pics are just beautiful! I am amazed at how many people are sitting around the fountain. I would love do a similar trip with my girls one day!

  22. One thing that surprises me is how large the crowd is there. I don’t know why that caught me by surprise but it did. What a spectacular place. You all are blessed for being able to take this wonderful trip!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..What Liz Says About #DietCokeTime

  23. Beautiful photos…what a historical and amazing place.
    Tiffany´s last blog post ..{Beauty Captured} Day 27

  24. What an amazing trip of a lifetime!
    Amy from Resourceful Mommy´s last blog post ..Win a Disney Vacation from Craisins® Dried Cranberries and Ocean Spray

  25. How awesome your children got to experience Europe at such a young age! I have incredible memories of being in Rome with my mom, and at the Trevi fountain tucked away among all the rich history. Beautiful photos.

  26. What and amazing trip for you all to share! Neither I nor my children have travelled abroad yet and I hope the first time for us all is an incredible journey. And oh the pictures ~ gorgeous!!! =)

  27. Seriously, how breathtakingly gorgeous is that? I hope to see it in person someday!
    Crissy´s last blog post ..Cherry kuchen bars

  28. That’s why I love doing trips WITH my kids. Seeing things through their eyes is amazing! That’s wonderful that you budgeted in advance, so you could really just enjoy yourself.

  29. How beautiful and amazing! I love the fact that so many people are drawn to it’s beauty! Great pictures.
    Jenn {MommyBKnowsBest}´s last blog post ..Back to School with Samsung Chromebook

  30. Beautiful! I went to Italy when I was 15 and have been trying to get back ever since! Beautiful photos!

  31. That is breathtaking!! I think I could spend all day taking it all in
    Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy´s last blog post ..Crazy Cat Wordless Wednesday w/Linky 8-28-13 #WW

  32. Great idea to save and plan a little for the whole trip. Many people try to do it all at once and get over whelmed. Love that your family grew closer while traveling. The photos are lovely!
    Onica {MommyFactor}´s last blog post ..My Life in Storage – Wordless Wednesday

  33. Oh my goodness, those pictures are gorgeous! Italy is on my bucket list :)

  34. Wow that’s a busy place! DH and I both went to Europe in high school and I hope we can take Nick someday.
    Elizabeth (Rock-A-Bye Parents)´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Our New Bathroom (Update 2)

  35. Sounds like the family had an amazing time. Glad you got a chance to reconnect with the kids, those are memories to cherish forever. I would love to backpack through Europe with my kids someday, definitely a must on the bucket list.
    Kira´s last blog post ..A Day at the Peach Orchard – #WordlessWednesday #WW

  36. absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to go there some day!
    Katie´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – 50 pounds!

  37. Breathe taking
    Meghan @JaMonkey´s last blog post ..Final Shaklee 180 Vlog #ShakleeBlogger

  38. What an amazing experience for all of you! I’ve never been over seas but I’d love too see Greece someday.
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted´s last blog post ..Comment on #Britax Pavilion 70-G3 Car Seat Review & Giveaway! by Emily Cotton

  39. unbelievable! Italy looks like an amazing place to visit!
    Anne´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday–Fishing

  40. Those photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. I hope to go to Italy one day & I hope that we have as good a time as you guys!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..My Pregnancy Journal: Week 17

  41. Wow! Such a gorgeous place to visit and make memories with your family at, just beautiful!
    Henrietta´s last blog post ..{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Purple Plum Tree #ww

  42. We’ve been mulling over a family summer Berlin trip…Thank you for making it seem more feasible!
    Kristin´s last blog post ..Date Night Glam

  43. What a wonderful experience. The pictures are amazing as well!
    Brandy´s last blog post ..Technology and Gaming: Not Just for the Boys

  44. That fountain is gorgeous! Your children are so incredibly blessed to have you as a mother, Stacie! Not only did you spend quite a while planning and saving up for this trip, but you also did your best to be present for them. It’s so hard to find the balance between working and parenting, and we all regret the amount of time that we spend tied to electronic devices. It’s so wonderful that you recognized this and were able to focus on connecting with your sweet children. Those memories surely will last a lifetime!
    Autumn´s last blog post ..Singled Out!

  45. GORGEOUS photos! I love that you took a family vacation to EUROPE!
    Sara Phillips´s last blog post ..Kids in the Kitchen: ips All Natural {Chips}

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