Tips to Make Your Children Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Tips to Make Your Children Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Make your children eat fruits and vegetables is a homework for all moms. I remembered how I try several attempts to make them eat the fruits and vegetables but sometimes they are not 100% success. So, based on my experience, here are some tips that I have tried and actually work for them.

Try to Mix Vegetables with Their Favourite Food
I made my homemade nuggets from the scratch and I like to put spinach or carrots inside of the nuggets. I prefer to chop the vegetables into very small pieces, so the taste could blend with rice the chicken. And they really like this nugget and never complained about the vegetables.

Add Fruits as Their Daily Snacks
You can wash the fruits and keep them in the fridge. You also could make the fruit popsicle as refreshment during summer. My children really love eating chilled watermelon that I have cut and kept it on the fridge. Make sure to always check if the fruit is still fresh to eat.

Try Vegetarian Recipes
Since I like to try many recipes, I also like to explore the vegetarian recipes for chilli, spaghetti or lasagna. If your children still want to have meat or chicken inside of the food, try to combine it to appeal their appetites. Surprisingly, my children also like to eat stir-fried broccoli with jasmine rice.

Be a Role Model
Children imitate in lots of things that their parents do or say. Therefore, my husband and I try to be a role model for them. We eat lots of fruits and vegetables in front of them and we really enjoy it. It makes it easier for my children to eat fruits and vegetables.

So, I hope with the above tips could help you to Make Your Children to eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Always do experiments of what your children will like and never give up.