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We were recently sent some dolls from Pinkie Cooper that when I took them from the package, I wondered how much daughters would like them. Then I saw how cutely dressed they were, they were dog and cat dolls, plus all of the accessories that they came with, I knew that my girls would love them! I already thought that they were cute but I just wasn’t certain how well they could compete with the other dolls in the household. Needless to say, I shouldn’t have worried.


From the Manufacturer Join Pinkie Cooper and her best friends on all their jet-setting adventures. The Runway Collection features Pinkie Cooper and her friends in runway-ready fashions. You can mix and match their two-toned hairstyles for tons of trend-setting combinations. Choose from Pinkie Cooper, Ginger Jones or Pepper Parson. Each doll includes a fab fashion and accessories.

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Each doll package includes:

  • Runway Collection features Pinkie Cooper and her friends in runway-ready fashions
  • You can mix and match their two-toned hairstyles for tons of trend-setting combinations
  • Choose from Pinkie Cooper, Ginger Jones or Pepper Parson
  • Each doll includes a fab fashion and accessories

Each pet set includes:

  • These pampered pets travel in style with Pinkie Cooper and her friends everywhere they go
  • There’s Pinkie Cooper’s pooch Li’l Pinkie, Ginger Jones’ pet Sprinkles and Saltine – who is the perfect sidekick to Pepper Parson
  • Each pet includes a fetching fashion, mix & match hairstyle, a feeding stand and accessories

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I am not sure why I was ever uncertain about my girls liking the dolls. First, the dolls are just adorable. I mean they are really cute. They have long hair, bendable arms and legs, adorable outfits and accessories plus they are all different.

My girls LOVED them. I mean they really love them. They immediately split everything up and started playing. They continued to play for about 90 minutes and have played with them every day since. They love that the hair comes off and that all of the accessories/clothing are interchangeable. The manufacturer really did a great job with the details.

If I had one complaint, it would be the amount of ties and packaging that I had to plow through to get the actual dolls out but I am pretty used to that with kids toys so it would never stop me from buying them.

And speaking of buying them, my daughters spent some time on the Pinkie Cooper website and they have already figured out which dolls they want next.



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  1. Yeah you shouldn’t have had any worries about your daughters liking them, they are very cute. I actually really like the details on them. The cute little heart shaped spots are adorable!
    Pepper´s last blog post ..Healthy Bentos of the Week: Muffin Week

  2. love these we reviewed a short while back and my little madam loves them begging me to buy her more great review :-)
    kay adeola´s last blog post ..Music Mondays

  3. Part pet and part doll makes one adorable combo! I think my daughter would have loved these when she was younger.

  4. Those are really cute Pet/dolls. My Daughter dresses up her little dog (real dog) … not as fancy as the Pinkie Cooper Fashions but she does look cute.
    Terry (My Journey With Candida)´s last blog post ..Peach Crisp Recipe Using NuNaturals NuGrains Oat Fiber And Diabetic Safe PreSweet Tagatose

  5. These are so cute. I love the fact that they are animals with accessories and real hair. This is a great way to get kids to take good care of pets while enjoying fashion and accessories. I would have loved to pretend play with these when I was a little girl.
    Tough Cookie Mommy´s last blog post ..Share What’s Good With Welch’s And You Could Win! #ShareWhatsGood @Welchs #Ad

  6. Those are so cute! I need to look into this more! I’m sure my girls would love them! Thanks for sharing!
    Amberlee Cave´s last blog post ..iFabbo San Francisco Conference!

  7. Oh they are so cute-I wish I had some young girls who I could buy them for. I know I would have loved them them when I was younger (much younger!)
    Michele´s last blog post ..$25 PP-WW-Spooktacular Hop-Ends 11/1

  8. My daughter would absolutely love those! They are the perfect blend between doll and puppy! lol.

  9. What a cool idea, a combo pet/doll. Very imaginative. I know my daughter would have loved these when she was little!
    Bobbi Burleson´s last blog post ..Double Chocolate Buttermilk Bread

  10. They are really different – I’m not sure how I would have taken to them as a child but then I was a strange one when it came to dolls I didn’t like many at all. x
    Sarah Bailey´s last blog post ..The Socks: Review

  11. Well they sure are unique. Dog and cat dolls? Wonder what they will think of next. Madison is still into the big dolls so I don’t have to worry about her asking for these any time soon. Happy your kids loved them though. :)
    Growing Up Madison´s last blog post ..50s Poodle Skirts Review

  12. Anita Breeze says:

    I think these are very unique looking dolls. It’s funny, even though on the surface it should be a little creepy, I mean a dog wearing stilleto heels, I think my daughter would have absolutely LOVED these a few years ago. She’s 17 now, who knows, I’ll have to show her! What I do know is that her drawings would often combine human with animal and they were very cute as well!

  13. What cute little dolls. I like that they are a combination of puppy and doll. I bet little girls would be happy to have a couple of these.
    Cynthia L´s last blog post ..In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party #38

  14. These are some interesting looking dolls. Wonder if my grand daughter would lie these?
    Margaret, Margs World´s last blog post ..Ok so I needed a pumpkin… #freshfinds #shop #cbias

  15. I don’t know why those made me laugh when I saw them! I guess I wasn’t expecting those faces and those bodies together, but they’re super cute and fun!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..OptiGrill by T-fal – the Electric Indoor Grill with a Brain

  16. Very interesting dolls. Never would have taught a girl’s body would have a dog head.
    Katherine Bartlett´s last blog post ..October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

  17. Loves these dolls I got one for my granddaughter this year – the travel on and she loved it.
    Annemarie´s last blog post ..Staycation: Family Vacations in Your Own Back Yard

  18. I met with this company at BlogHer, and I must say out of ALL THE TOYS we checked out, Pinkie Cooper was my favorite. I am SO excited to give these to my girls for Christmas. At first I thought they were weird but now I’m just in love.
    Slap Dash Mom´s last blog post ..I Went From Drab to Fab With One Simple Accessory! | #Lookmatic

  19. OMG.. these are adorable.. I have never seen these but my princess would flip; she has been pretending to be a dog all week (yeah I know.. Crazy kit) and this would be awesome for her.. gonna add them to the Christmas list.. that’s for sure.. thanks for a great review
    Melanie a/k/a Crazy Mom´s last blog post ..Your little one can be comfy and in style with pediped shoes #Review #Giveaway

  20. I am 100% sure that my daughter will love this! She likes puppies and this is perfect!
    Healy Harpster´s last blog post ..New Fan of The Little Couple on TLC

  21. Interesting concept. I have two boys so I probably wont be buying these, but I guess you never know. It’s 2013 after all lol

  22. Wow, I’ve never heard or seen these before! I bet my daughters will like them thought. I’ll have to keep an eye out at the store for them come holiday time
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Crashes and Failures

  23. I have never seen dolls like this before lol. I only know of barbie.. this is so cute though!
    Aisha Kristine Chong´s last blog post ..In a Slump!

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