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We are TV watchers in this family. I like a lot of drama or comedy shows and my kids tend to like a cooking shows lately. Everytime I look at their list of last watched shows, it looks like this:

Cake Boss

The Next Great Baker

DC Cupcakes


And anything else related to cooking but those are their favorites right now. Our DVR gets quite a workout. However, we also travel a lot and the kids really want to be able to take their shows on the road.

Now they can!


The Hopper™ is a Whole-Home HD DVR available only from DISH. Only the Hopper lets you watch live and recorded TV anywhere and instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Plus, you can record 6 different shows at the same time during primetime and store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite shows.


Hopper Transfers™ – This option allows you to transfer DVR recordings to your iPad via the free Hopper Transfers app so you can watch your favorite shows on road trips or that long flight.

AutoHop™ – This feature allows you to skip commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

PrimeTime Anytime™ - The feature lets you record 6 different shows at once during primetime plus gives you three hours on demand primetime ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC programming available to you for up to 8 days from initial air date.

Whole-Home HD DVR Functionality – this feature lets you access your DVR library on every TV in your house. You can start a movie in the living room and then finish it in the bedroom.

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  1. HA! I love their accents but my favorite part was when the fella using the toilet ‘reclined’ it to watch TV there ! (he might never come out of the bathroom)

  2. Aaron Holness says:

    I like the guy using a recliner in the bed.

  3. Jennifer T. says:

    My favorite is the reclining toilet. It’s a good thing that doesn’t really exist or some people would never leave the bathroom.

  4. Jennifer T. says:

    I like Dish on facebook under username Jennie Aston Tilson.

  5. Shhheeeyut up, I’m trying ta’ wawwtch tv. Guy on the recliner on the toilet.(Yep, that would be my husband if he had his way).

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  6. Yes, I already LIKED Dish on Facebook as Eileen Richter

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

    thank you!

  7. Oops…sorry Stacie, I guess maybe the ‘LIKED’ Dish on Facebook was supposed to be a part of the first entry? confused.

    Additional entry:

    I did tweet the giveaway

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  8. I like Dish as Allyson Bossie

  9. I love all the different recliners in the house!

  10. I like DISH on facebook
    chelsea reboulet

  11. I tweeted as @bmom76
    chelsea reboulet

  12. My fav part was the toilet ‘reclined’ it to watch TV there :)

    Liked FB and tweeted ~ good luck everyone!

  13. The guy on the recliner on the toilet :)

  14. Guy on the recliner on the toilet is my fave!

  15. I LIKE DISH on Facebook. ID: Lynda C.

  16. I like the guy using the recliner in bed.

  17. I like Dish on Facebook.

  18. Briann neeley says:

    Reclining toilet, so funny!

  19. Briann neeley says:

    I like dish on fb

  20. Everything reclining is totally awesome, too hilarious esp the toilet.

  21. I like DISH on FB

  22. The guy in the bathroom was hilarious! Probably my favorite part of the ad.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  23. I LIKE DISH on Facebook.
    (Heather S Chaffer)
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  24. I tweeted!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  25. I loved the reclining stairs…so unexpected

    shschleif at yahoo dot com

  26. haha too funny! the Grandpa in the bathroom was hilarious, that would so be my husband, especially if the toilet reclined!!

  27. I like all the recliners, especially the toilet.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  28. Shannon Michelle says:

    I want to go back to New York! Love those accents!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  29. Shannon Michelle says:

    I tweeted.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  30. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    I love the recliner toilet, gotta get one!

  31. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    I Like DISH on Facebook as Nicole Carter Weasley

  32. Nicole Carter Weasley says:
  33. I like the guy on the recliner watching television.

  34. I liked them on Facebook.

  35. I absolutely LOVE how all the people in the family have an electronic at that time and there so happens to have a reclinable feature at the place where they are at that time

  36. Reclining toilet. And I know you can see my email address. :)

  37. Haha definitely the recliner toilet!

  38. Like Dish as Marvelous Amy

  39. I love their accents. Makes me miss family

  40. Thanks meghan at jamonkey dot com

  41. I liked Dish on Facebook.

  42. Michelle S. says:

    The reclining toilet was my favorite part! Like Dish on FB, Michelle Sharp buckyandtux att gmail dot com

  43. Michelle S. says:
  44. very cute- all the tiny mini things and of course reclining toilet man.
    i like dish onfb- ria c

  45. The grandpa on the reclining toilet made me laugh out loud!

  46. I like Dish on Facebook as Brynn Elizabeth Dexter

  47. A reclining toilet? Yikes :)

  48. FB fan of dish – aleksandra nearing

  49. the guy on the recliner watching television lol :)

    cdm 65@cox . net

  50. I liked Dish on Facebook.

    cdm 65@ cox. net

  51. You named a few of MY favorite reasons for using the DISH Hopper, and it just keeps getting better and better! PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop are both amazing, but I really love the new DISH Anywhere app! We record a lot of shows too, DISH Anywhere lets you enjoy all your channels and everything on your DVR anywhere you have Internet access, which is a big deal for families on the go. It even works for both Androids AND Apple devices. I can turn on a movie for the kids during long car trips, and when I finish my shift at DISH I can just turn the game on live, instantly! DISH Anywhere allows you to enjoy the comfort of home from anywhere!

  52. The stairs that turn into a recliner is my favorite part!

  53. Hi Stacie,
    Wow, what a great giveaway. Like everyone else I’d love to win! I thought the guy on the toilet was so funny!!

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute


  54. I liked Dish on facebook too as Tracy Suzanne.

    Thanks again..a href=> Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  55. I tweeted here Stacie!

    Thanks for another chance to win… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  56. That would have been my father in the bathroom.
    Thanks for the contest.

  57. FB like DISH: Slehan

  58. i liked when washed how commercial no matter what the scene made a recliner out of it, like the stairs and tiolet, lol

  59. like dish on FB, CindyWindy Blogs

  60. When the girl was like “Does it work here?” she sounded like she was related to Forest Gump. LOL

  61. (at)

  62. Only the Hopper lets you watch TV anywhere.


  63. Tabathia B says:

    I like when the dad pulls up the same game he is watching on tv on his laptop and in his “fargo” accent, then pulls up the recliner

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  64. Tabathia B says:

    like dish on facebook: michelle barrett

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  65. Tabathia B says:

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  66. I love that everything (stairs, bed, etc.) turned into a recliner, feet up chair.
    heartonelove at gmail dot com

  67. Cassandra Eastman says:

    The reclining toilet is my favorite, hilarious!!!

  68. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I like Dish on facebook as Cassandra Eastman!

  69. Cassandra Eastman says:
  70. The reclining toilet was funny to watch.
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  71. “Like” Dish on FB.
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  72. tweeted
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  73. I like that the man is watching the hockey game on the TV and the laptop, looks like something my husband would do

  74. I tweeted gandcdurst at hotmail dot com

  75. I love the reclining toilet — it would be just great to have on in the “reading room”.

  76. I’m looking for ways to recliner my house furniture ASAP. :)

  77. I like Dish on Facebook.

  78. favorite part was the stairway and how it makes a lounge seat. Now that’s cool. cadilacjax@ yahoo

  79. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I just love that you can watch your favorite show with Dish wherever you are…Grandpa is hilarious :-) I liked their Facebook page too under Jessica Avancena Cassidy and followed Dish in twitter @wifetoalineman and sent tweets too here

  80. Shaunta E. says:

    I been liked dish on facebook, Under my facebook name Summer Brown II, I love my dish and everything they have for me , wouldn’t give it up for nothing.

  81. the bed part is so cool

  82. Like DISH on Facebook

  83. ellen beck says:
  84. I liked the part when the lady on the stairs pulls the lever and the bottom stairs turn into a recliner! How cool would that be!?

    falses1gns at gmail dot com

  85. I like Dish on Facebook!
    My Facebook name: B Ari Teakaadee (

    My likes:

    falses1gns at gmail dot com

  86. I tweeted with the hashtag:

    falses1gns at gmail dot com

  87. Liked “shut up im tryna watch tv that made me laugh
    atlmuzikfanzinc at gmail dot com

  88. liked dish on facebook (Say Smith)
    atlmuzikfanzinc at gmail dot com

  89. tweet
    atlmuzikfanzinc at gmail dot com

  90. My favorite part was when that man used a toiled as a recliner. lol

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  91. I like DISH on facebook, Evelyn D

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  92. tweeted

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  93. My favorite part of the DISH commercial was the man watching TV on his phone in the bathroom. Now that is what I call multitasking – LOL! ;)

  94. I like DISH on Facebook (Deanna Devendorf McClellan).

  95. Chelsea r says:

    I want to thank you for the giveaway! It is amazing! Thank you so much!


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