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Disney Infinity

With its announcement of DISNEY INFINITY, the Disney corporation is making full use of its veritable mountains of characters, worlds and franchises. In its new game, it brings them all together. THE BASICS DISNEY INFINITY allows players to step into the shoes and the worlds of some of Disney’s most iconic characters. As stated on the game’s webpage, it all begins with the starter pack. The pack contains three Disney character figures, their associated worlds, some power-up tokens to be used {Read More}

The Wii U – A Step Up from Other Gaming Systems

WiiU in White

Arriving on the heels of the original Wii’s less-than-stellar run in the console gaming industry, the Nintendo Wii U Console is an attempt for Nintendo to reestablish itself as a major presence. In light of that, it seems appropriate to look at the Wii U from the perspective of the problems Nintendo hopes to use it to address. Critics of the Wii U often swarmed around a few key points: internal hardware, online functionality and variety of titles. HARDWARE While the {Read More}