Just Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo ~ Fabulous iBook & App for Kids

Jesse the Jack 8

For years growing up I really wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. I love their look, their personality and how they are such fun dogs. Alas I did not get my Jack Russell but I did grow up with some amazing Golden Retrievers. I am definitely a dog person. I adore dogs. My kids love dogs as much as I do and when their is a dog on an app, they just have to have it. They were thrilled to check {Read More}

Kazaz Enhances Your Child’s Reading Experience #app #ipad

Kazaz! Entry Screen after downloading it (72)

Kazaz was launched by American Story Channel and is an iPad app featuring a world of interactive, animated original stories ideal for children ages 3 to 8. With Kazaz!, kids don’t just read a story, they experience it! The Kazaz! app both challenges and ignites a child’s curiosity with digital stories that combine sight, sound and touch to help maximize even the youngest child’s learning experience. The app is designed for children to enjoy alone or collectively with parents, grandparents, {Read More}

The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App #TheSecretSociety

G5 Games 1

So I like to play games on my phone. They are something that is the perfect, quick escape and I get to challenge myself a little. A few months ago I started playing this game that my daughter loves. I opened her game The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App and just started playing. You see I am sort of the seeker of lost things in my house. My kids never put anything back in the same {Read More}

Scholastic Parent & Child’s KidQ App #KidQapp

KidQ Scholastic App

Scholastic Parent & Child believes that one of the best ways to connect with your child is through conversation. I actually believe the same thing. Every single night after dinner, my family and I sit at the table and have a conversation. We talk about our days. We talk about school, activities and really anything that we want to discuss. Did you know that Scholastic has a great app to really get the conversation going with you and your child? {Read More}

Nintendo 2DS and Tomodachi Life Game @BestBuy #NintendoatBestBuy

Tomodachi Life

The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld video gaming device that plays Nintendo DS games and functions as a local and online multiplayer. This gaming apparatus can also be used to browse the Internet and download games and applications. Although it can record 3D video and 3D stop-motion animation, this device plays 3D games in 2D only. Its other features include AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities, a built-in camera that can take photos, and parental controls to monitor children’s access to content. {Read More}

Disney Magical World Game & Nintendo 3DS Mickey Limited Edition

Nintendo 3DS Disney Magical World

We are Disney lovers in this family. We always have been! We thrilled to test out the Limited Edition Mickey 3 DS and play the Disney Magical World Game on it. My kids loved the game from the start and they took it everywhere on our NYC vacation. They still play it almost every day. DISNEY MAGICAL WORLD GAME ON NINTENDO 3DS The Disney Magical World game is a single player, role-playing game that takes players into the kingdom of {Read More}

Annedroids from Amazon Studios ~ Entertainment for Kids #Annedroids #CleverGirls

Annedroids 1

W Recently we got the opportunity to check out a new series from Amazon Studios for kids. Let me preface this post by saying if you have kids ages 4-12, head on over to Amazon right now to check out the first episode of Annedroids for FREE. ABOUT ANNEDROIDS Annedroids is Amazon Studios’ third original kids series, is aimed at children ages 4-7 and will debut on July 25th on Prime Instant Video. Annedroids is a science based-action adventure series that {Read More}

iBitz Wireless Activity Monitors are Perfect for Families @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy


The iBitz wireless activity monitors offer a way to encourage the entire family to exercise and remain active. The monitor is an activity tracker that is designed for both children and adults. The Unity model is for adults and the PowerKey model is for children. IBITZ ADULT UNITY WIRELESS ACTIVITY MONITOR Retail $49.99      The Unity model is a small tracker equipped with a durable clip that is attached to the pocket, waistband, or shoe. Currently, the Unity is available {Read More}

VTech’s Kid Connect App on the InnoTab 3S Learning Tablet #InnoTab3S #spon

Vtech Innotab 3

To say that we are a tech family is a slight understatement. Every single person in my family has a bit of a tech obsession. We love gadgets and we especially love trying any new technology as soon it comes on the market. When the first VTech InnoTab came out, we had it within the first week. My youngest child was 4 at the time and she took possession of the VTech InnoTab as soon as it arrived. She loves {Read More}

DISNEY INFINITY #disney #Gaming #disneyinfinity @DisneyInfinity

Disney Infinity

With its announcement of DISNEY INFINITY, the Disney corporation is making full use of its veritable mountains of characters, worlds and franchises. In its new game, it brings them all together. THE BASICS DISNEY INFINITY allows players to step into the shoes and the worlds of some of Disney’s most iconic characters. As stated on the game’s webpage, it all begins with the starter pack. The pack contains three Disney character figures, their associated worlds, some power-up tokens to be used {Read More}

The Wii U – A Step Up from Other Gaming Systems

WiiU in White

Arriving on the heels of the original Wii’s less-than-stellar run in the console gaming industry, the Nintendo Wii U Console is an attempt for Nintendo to reestablish itself as a major presence. In light of that, it seems appropriate to look at the Wii U from the perspective of the problems Nintendo hopes to use it to address. Critics of the Wii U often swarmed around a few key points: internal hardware, online functionality and variety of titles. HARDWARE While the {Read More}