What are you protective of? #IAmProtective #CollectiveBias #shop

What Matters Most

There are many things in my life that I want to protect. I want to protect my home. I want to protect our financial future. But mostly I want to protect my family. My family is the most important thing in my life. Around 17 years ago my husband and I met for the first time at a restaurant that we were both working for at the time. Friends say that we met earlier but neither one of us remember {Read More}

Goodnites* TRU-FIT* Twitter Party 9/24 11-12pm EST #TRUFITWALMART

  Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that psychologically, children who wet the bed do not want to participate in fun activities, such as sleepovers, because of their fear and embarrassment. Bedwetting is a fairly common condition that a child cannot control or be trained out of. ABOUT GOODNITES* TRU-FIT* GoodNites® brand is introducing a completely new kind of bedtime protection: GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is machine-washable, real underwear with disposable, absorbent inserts that help keep sheets {Read More}

Orange List: Hot Costumes and Party Trends for 2014 #OrangeTuesday

BuyCostumes Captain America

BuyCostumes.com has revealed the Orange List, featuring this Halloween season’s top 10 hottest costumes, party themes and treats. The Halloween treats include drinks, and both sweet and savory recipes from one of America’s most recognizable lifestyle experts and bestselling author Sandra Lee, and Halloween recipes from BuyCostumes.com partners of the Orange Tour – Pirate’s Booty, Jones Soda, and Home Run Inn Pizza. The Orange List has every costume that my family loves and has on their wish list. Both of {Read More}

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition On Blu-rayTM and Digital HD Oct 7 #SleepingBeauty

Sleeping Beauty 2

Sleeping Beauty has been called a beautiful maiden with a spellbinding destiny… I remember watching Sleeping Beauty as a child. I loved the movie and I really loved the characters as well. In fact, growing up we used to watch Disney movies together as a family and Sleeping Beauty was always one of our favorites. Since I have always loved all things Disney, I was excited to share that with my children as well. What I especially love about Sleeping {Read More}

Two Weeks into the Activia Challenge + Tips from Laila Ali {GIVEAWAY} #ActiviaChallenge

I am two weeks into the Activia Challenge and everyone in my house is now eating Activia. What I really love about Activia is that there are a vast variety of products Activia offers including  Activia Yogurt, Activia Greek, and Activia Greek Light plus Activia Smoothies, Activia Light Yogurt, and Activia Fiber Yogurt. Activia Yogurt is rich in flavor and will please your taste buds and your tummy. Activia Yogurt is available in eight great flavors: Cherry Prune Strawberry Banana {Read More}

Fall Style: You and Your Glasses #VSPStyle

VSP Direct Pin it Promotion

Fall is here and I am excited. Fall fashion is all about transitional pieces – short sleeves become longer, sweaters are added, boots come out of the closet and color choices changes. I just wore boots for the first time this fall today. I am excited this fall to partner with VSP Direct. Did you know that affordable, stylish and trendy fashion frames from VSP Direct can help make Fall fashion pop? Check out these adorable glasses: Are they fabulous? They {Read More}

Kaplan #JourneytoCollege Test Prep Program

Kaplan Jacob College

This is Jacob and he is pretty smart. In fact, he has been in talented and gifted classes for the majority of his life. However, he also has that sort of laziness that happens to some students where they can kind of skate by. I know because I did the same thing. I really didn’t have to study hard until college. He has no idea what he is for when he gets to college. There will be a lot of {Read More}

Jingit Dr Pepper Tailgating Promotion {$500 Target Gift Card GIVEAWAY} #GetCozywithDrPepper


  Have you heard of Jingit? Jingit is an app that is so easy to use and helps you earn cash instantly online, in-store, and on the go with participating brands. You are already shopping so you might as well get paid for it, right? Jingit gives me cash back to shop at many of the places we go to each week. If you look at my app below, you’ll see Dr. Pepper, Krazy Glue and more. I get cash {Read More}

5 Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy {Trident Soccer Prize Pack GIVEAWAY} #Healthy​​Smiles @TridentGum #ad


Trident, the first national sugar-free gum in the US,  is the leading sugar-free gum brand. Trident is pretty much the only gum I chew. I seriously buy it in bulk at Costco. Did you know that Chewing Trident for 20 minutes after eating and drinking helps to  clean and protect  teeth? I am fanatic about brushing my teeth right after I eat. But if I can’t brush, I chew Trident. Trident has supported Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America program {Read More}

Wendy’s® #TheGoudaLife Twitter Party 9/12 from 11-12pm EST

Wendys Gouda Chicken

Are you hungry? Check out that delicious looking sandwich above and join us tomorrow to chat about it. Wendy’s® is inviting consumers to get a taste of “The Gouda Life” through its latest premium offering, the new Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche, packed with savory sophistication without pricey pretension. ABOUT THE SMOKED GOUDA CHICKEN ON BRIOCHE The new Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche is packed with flavor, including: A thick, creamy Dijon aioli with a tangy mustard finish A smoked, {Read More}

Get the @Sears Shop Your Way App & In-Vehicle Pickup #MoreToYou

Sears More to You Shop Your Way App

As a busy mother of three children, shopping is not always easy. In fact, shopping is only ever a planned event because three children don’t make it easy. They are too distracted with everything in the store for me to get much shopping done. But the fact is that I almost always have shopping to do. I need to buy groceries and a few clothing items right now. Plus one kid needs shoes and another needs a new coat. Now {Read More}

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes Make Back-to-School Easier #WetOnes

Wet Ones Wipes Travel Pack

A brand new school year is right around the corner. Kids are back in the classroom where they’ll find sticky and messy (but fun!) projects waiting for them, and always plenty of germs. I know that my children can use Wet Ones all of the time. They are almost always in need of a hand washing or a wipe. Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes clean sticky and dirty hands when soap and water aren’t available, providing an easy solution for {Read More}