Rome Colosseum {LINKY} #ww #wordlesswednesday


This place still looks surreal to me even as I post the pictures. However, the first look has this guy below. I guess that tourists like to take pictures with him:

Italian Architecture {LINKY} #ww #wordlesswednesday

Rome Italy Architecture

Once we landed in Italy and started walking around, I realized that my 20-year old self failed to notice the amazing architecture on my first trip many years ago. I have been back several times since but on this trip this past summer, I sought out nooks and crannies, doors and windows. I even took a picture of the cobblestone street. I actually commented on Facebook that I couldn’t drink in the architecture quickly enough. The details of the gates, {Read More}

The Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy {LINKY} #ww #wordlesswednesday

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy 1

I was beyond thrilled to take my children on their very first trip to Europe this past summer. A lot of people have asked me about it. I saved for a long time and paid things off as I went along over the course of about 18 months until the trip date was here. I budgeted for food, souvenirs, we each took one suitcase and a backpack with us. We really traveled light. Each of us returned a little more {Read More}

Back to School with Hallmark {LINKY} #ww #WordlessWednesday

Hallmark 1st Grade

Well it has happened to me again. Just when I wasn’t looking, my kids went and grew up a little on me. Some days I cannot believe how quickly they are growing, getting older and just becoming such amazing, independent individuals. Other days I want to curl up the corner, in the fetal position, and cry because my babies are growing up. I tell them constantly to stop growing but they never listen. Since they don’t listen, I have had {Read More}

Crazy Cousins {LINKY} #WordlessWednesday #ww

Cousins 2

I found these on my phone. I had no idea how crazy these kids got when taking pictures but these made me laugh.   Wordless Wednesday places to link up: LINK UP HERE: Link them if you got them:

Hair By @HEXBUG {LINKY} #WordlessWednesday #ww

Hair by HEXBUG

Ok so this is not exactly wordless but this made me laugh so hard. This is my 11-year old niece and she loves making videos! Here is her latest (it is only 16 seconds): Wordless Wednesday places to link up: LINK UP HERE: Link them if you got them:

Sisters in the Big Easy {LINKY} #WordlessWednesday #ww

Sisters in the Big Easy

I quickly snapped this shot of my girls walking hand-in-hand down the street in New Orleans. I really love how cute they are holding hands. Wordless Wednesday places to link up: LINK UP HERE:

Wordless Wednesday – Precious {LINKY} #ww

Hershey Easter Basket Cadbury Bunny Precious

  I caught him whispering, “Precious.” Just like Gollum. Silly kid. Wordless Wednesday places to link up: LINK UP HERE:

Wordless Wednesday – Zombie Apocalypse {LINKY} #ww


I have been sick for several days and barely gotten out of bed. The other day in my state of delirium, this woke me up: My first thought: 1. Zombie Apocalypse and then: 2. He needs a haircut Once we looked at the picture, my son got very excited because: 1. He has no nose which is very similar to Voldemort as he has reminded me over and over. 2. He actually does have zombie eyes. You’re welcome! Wordless Wednesday {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday, Annabella! {LINKY} #ww

Annabella Pout

It is hard to believe that just eight years ago you kicked your way into this world two weeks early. It is hard to believe that you were the poutiest little child around but you are the happiest kid ever today. It is hard to believe that our family wasn’t complete until you came along. You are a singer, songwriter, ballerina, Girl Scout, gymnast, a fashionista, a good friend, a drama queen, a comedian and the happiest person I know. {Read More}