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Years ago, I remember watching comedy spoofs. I distinctly remember some satire based on menopausal women. The woman going through menopause was always sweating profusely and having insane hot flashes among other things. I used to laugh at this. Mostly because it seemed so far out of the realm of possibility and I just knew that it would ‘never happen to me.’

Honestly, it hasn’t happened to me yet but as the big 4-0 looms over the horizon this year, I know that sweaty, satirical woman could easily be me. Sooner rather than later.

Adrenal fatigue is something that is a concern of mine. After having three children, I am convinced that my hormones are forever screwed up.  My body is just not the same and after baby three, things are really messed up with my hormones.

I experience many of the same symptoms of adrenal fatigue or even menopause symptoms such as waking up in the mid-portion of the night, inability to fall asleep, anxiety, depression, midday fatigue, weight gain, irritability, PMS, reduced tolerance for stress, craving for sweets and salty foods and allergies to things I was never allergic to before (this is definitely an odd one). Of course, for years I have also called these the symptoms of motherhood.

Some of these symptoms scare me. Some I know that you just need to deal with as you get older. All of them can be addresses with Biodentical Hormone Therapy. Sounds like a big word, right?


Hormone levels decline as we age; bioidentical hormone therapy replenishes the hormones  that your body needs to function. BodyLogicMD’s bioidentical hormone doctors use natural or bioidentical hormones versus bio-similar or synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones are molecule-by-molecule, exactly the same as the hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, dhea, estradiol and estriol) present in the human body. Your bioidentical hormone replacement physician will assess your individual needs and work to restore these hormones and customize a medical plan specifically for you.

So how do you know if Biodentical Hormone Therapy is for you? If you suffer from any or all of these symptoms, then you should see your doctor. There is some relief for many of these symptoms. “BodyLogicMD’s affiliated physicians offer bioidentical hormone therapy integrated with proper fitness and nutrition for women and men.”

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  2. I would love to explore this. On a funny note, I saw a blog post the other day titled “The Hot Mama” and I thought it’d be related to menopause. That’s a sign of what stage of my life I”m in…..

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