Spotlight on St. Louis, Missouri: Anheuser-Busch Brewery & Tour

Anheuser Busch St Louis Missouri Brewery Tour

Anheuser-Busch had its beginnings when Eberhard Anheuser purchased a bankrupt St. Louis brewery in 1860. His son-in-law, Adolphus Busch, joined the company in 1864, became a partner in 1869 and took over as president in 1880 when Anheuser died, ensuring the company would be controlled by the family until its sale to InBev in 2008. Following Adolphus Busch’s tour of Europe, where he studied new methods of bottom fermentation brewing, his discovery of a popular Bohemian Lager in the Czech {Read More}

Crazy, Cool and Bizarre Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Courtesy of

It is that time of year again. Halloween is coming! This holiday always seems to bring out the weirdos, the macabre and those who are really into the spirit of everything. Halloween is really one of my favorite holidays and that of my family as well. My husband usually goes all out and makes some of the coolest Jack-O-Lanterns. The kids love them. Here are some really cool and different pumpkin carvings:     My four year old daughter is {Read More}

Whirlpool Laundry Troubleshooting #WhirlpoolMoms

Whirlpool Washer and Dryer

Our new washer and dryer have been here for a few months now. The first month was kind of a trial period as we played and learned our way around these new machines. I was really used to the old school where they have dark and light. This new-fangled contraption of having all of these settings and being able to customize everything took some getting used to for me. In fact, I still struggle a little although I do like {Read More}

What is With These Hot Flashes ?!?! Information about Menopause


Did you know that menopause can begin in women as soon as their early 30′s? I had no idea until a friend of mine told me that she had gone through early menopause. I had no clue that women in their 30′s, especially early 30′s could go through menopause so early. WHAT IS MENOPAUSE? Menopause is a condition that is completely normal and experienced by all women as we age. The term menopause is actually used to describe the changes {Read More}

Duran Duran Coming to a City Near You #DuranSocial

Duran Duran 1

Ever since the 80’s (yes I am dating myself now) , I have been a fan of Duran Duran. I have always loved them. Back in high school when they first came on to the music scene, they were different and not yet mainstream. The music spoke to me. The voices were mesmerizing. Last night I got the chance to see Duran Duran once again and it has probably been at least 15 years since I have seen them live. {Read More}

Building and Creating Forms

Last week I talked about how in my job, I am constantly creating forms for the people that I work with and the people that I do business with. The ability to do a good job in what I do on a daily basis really depends on my ability to track everything that I am doing with the forms that I create. Everything needs a record. Often times I need to use a form builder to create exactly what I {Read More}

T.G.I. Friday’s Entrees for One Review & #Giveaway #win

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of T.G.I. FRiDAY’S for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I was recently sent a coupon from T.G.I. Friday’s to try their new Entrees for One. These new entrees can solve your boredom for frozen food. There are nine entrees that are inspired by the fun and bold flavors that you can find at your local T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants. The flavors available are: Grilled Chicken Mac & Cheese Prime Rib {Read More}

Spotlight on St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis Cardinals and Busch Stadium

St. Louis Busch Stadium Cardinals

Founded in 1882 for the American Association, the St. Louis Brown Stockings won four AA Pennants back to back from 1885–1888 and played two World Series championships against the team known as the Chicago White Stockings, sparking the ongoing rivalry between St. Louis and Chicago. In 1892, when the American Association went bankrupt, they moved to the National League as the Perfectos but didn’t become the St. Louis Cardinals until 1900. The team used the ballpark called Grand Avenue Ball {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday – Ode to 3 Musketeers with LINKY

Ode to 3 Musketeers

I cannot even make up stuff like this. My six year old daughter was tasked with writing an essay about something important to her. So I am pretty sure she did what any six year old would do, she chose to write about 3 Musketeers because…well…uh…they are important to her. What she wrote: The important thing about 3 Muskereers is that it is sweet deicious chocolate. Chocolate is soo yummy. That it is good and smooth. Win you dit the {Read More}

Buying Cars

I have owned several Jeeps during my lifetime. I love Jeeps. My first Jeep, I purchased directly from the Jeep dealer. I picked out the exact car I wanted and got every single feature that I wanted. I was young and really didn’t care much about saving money as long as I got the car that I wanted. The car ended up having many problems and I actually ended up with a lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer which really {Read More}