4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas

4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas

4 Simple Family Dinner Ideas – Having a busy day and still need to cook dinner for the whole family? Well, you should think simple and fast, so you can take a rest, but the family needs will be fulfilled. Try to follow these simple family dinner ideas and make your family surprised.
• Instant Pot Meatloaf
Who doesn’t love instant pot? This kitchen tool is always reliable to get the meal ready faster. The timer can also be helpful so you can do anything else while cooking. One of the easy recipes using instant pot is the meatloaf.

You need to mix the ingredients first, such as beef, milk, bread crumbs, ketchup, eggs, onion, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, garlic powder, mustard, salt, and pepper; then put it into the instant pot with water. After it is ready, transfer the meatloaf to the oven to broil only for five minutes. While waiting, you can probably gives yourself a little online gambling fun by accessing, and play one of the online gambling games. Glaze it with ketchup, brown sugar, and mustard; put it back to oven just for two minutes, and the delicious meatloaf is ready to serve.

• Creamy Lemon Garlic Salmon
Wants to serve a fish dish for your family? You can try this salmon recipe. Just grilled the salmon on the skillet and put it aside. Using the same pan, melt the butter and sauté garlic and flour. Put the heavy cream in and whisk and let it thicken. Add a few drops of lemon juice and lemon zest. Put the salmon back and let it simmer. Done! Easy and delicious.

• Grilled Cheese
The kids love cheese dish and definitely will dig in the grilled cheese for dinner. Just spread the butter on one side of the bread and put the butter side down on a skillet. Top the bread with a generous amount of cheese and make a sandwich with another slice of bread with the butter side up. Let the cheese melt and the bread getting golden, then turn it over.

• Creamy Three-Cheese Spaghetti
Another cheese dish that the kids will love is this creamy three-cheese spaghetti. You only need to cook the pasta, then drain and set it aside. Then, sauté the garlic in a large skillet, add broth, heavy cream, and reserved pasta water. Put in the spaghetti and cook until the liquid simmers. Put off the heat and toss Italian cheese, season with salt and pepper, and it is ready to serve.

Try one of those dinner recipes tonight, and you can get a relaxing time soon. They are simple, easy, and of course delicious. The recipes can be adjusted for a big family too so you can make a large portion in one-time cooking.