Speechless Sunday – Silly Kids


The kids were playing at my mother’s house lately and apparently she collects hats. They begged for me to take their picture:

6 Pieces of Advice That You Think are Obvious, But Some Kids Just Need to Hear

I heard about the Small Talk Six about a week ago and was instantly enamored with the idea. I did not participate last week because I had already written a similar post although I could not wait for this week but then, yesterday I forgot. So here I am, much I am usually, a little late but here. The topic for this week is 6 Pieces of Advice that you Think are Obvious, But Some People Just Need to Hear. {Read More}

Ritz-Carlton Atlanta Hotel Downtown

Ritz-Carlton Atlanta Downtown Dining

The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta Hotel is a luxury hotel located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Elegant and glamorous in design, the hotel boasts exceptional service along with 444 spacious rooms and 22 suites where guests can work or just relax. It is placed within a short distance of several sports facilities, the Georgia Aquarium, as well as many of Georgia’s important government and financial departments. The location of the hotel allows for easy access to MARTA mass transit. Guests will find themselves {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday – This Little Piggy Went to Target


Just overheard my four year old saying to my two year old, “This little piggy went to Target…”

Lake Lanier Islands of Adventure Atlanta, Georgia #ATL #atlanta

Lake Lanier Islands of Adventure

Lake Lanier Islands of Adventure is a fabulous 1.5 thousand acre resort adjoining Lake Sidney Lanier, just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Family favorite, fun water activities, there are others as well, like horse-back riding, golf courses, and spa treatment center. All sorts of boat rentals are available, from small to large luxury party boats. This is Georgia’s acclaimed biggest resort that is lakeside and can accommodate any manner of function from a family reunion or wedding, to a simple family {Read More}

“What Can I Learn Today?” Reader Contest from Mamapedia

*Thank you to New Baby for donating this VADO camera from Creative Labs to our fun event. Please check out New Baby and consider adding your own vlog! Last weekend we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful new parenting advice search engine, Mamapedia, and now we’d like you to try the site out for yourself with our new contest, “What Can I Learn Today?” One grand prize winner will win a VADO digital video camera! To Enter: 1. Visit {Read More}

Speechless Sundays – The Mohawk Master


Bath time is very often the most exciting part of the day for my children. I mean we have all types of options available to the kids depending on the timing of the bath. There is your standard bath which is about 15 minutes, there is the fun bath which can be 30 plus minutes and the business bath which is a 5 minute bath where either Mommy or Daddy do the quick wask. There are also the same options {Read More}

Excited to be a Part of Team Fridge & Frigidaire


The fabulous folks from Frigidaire and Mom Central have just made my life a little easier and are giving me a little more time to practice being divine. How? Well I have just been invited to be on Team Fridge. This awesome refrigerator below will be making its way to our household in just a few, short weeks courtesy of Frigidaire. This month Frigidaire rolls out a brilliant new collection with more than 250 kitchen and laundry appliances, just in {Read More}

Handed Down from Mother to Daughter

There are many things that I got from my mother. Some I wish that I hadn’t and others…well you can definitely tell that they came from my mother. I don’t have her eyes. I don’t have her smile. I don’t even have her coloring. In fact, I look nothing like her. I sure wish that I had her legs but apparently I have some Russian bodybuilder in me those came from my dad’s side of the family. For a long {Read More}

What I am Reading – Some Random Blogs / Good Reads from the Blogosphere


I spend a lot of time on mom blogs. I like them, I can relate to them and it helps me to get ideas for my own blog. I can what works for me, what doesn’t, etc. Sometimes I somehow, randomly stumble on some just truly bizarre and out there blogs. Listed below are a few of my most recent, random favorites. Enjoy! First up, we have the As Seen On TV Fan! blog. I found it and didn’t leave {Read More}

Mamapedia: The Wisdom of Moms Answering Your Everyday Questions

It’s 2:00 a.m. and your three month old is crying…a lot. You’re a first time mother, and while you’ve got a ton of questions, you called your mom at 2:00 in the morning last night about that crazy looking diaper, so you’d really like to get through this one on your own. But where can you turn? Mamapedia is a new site that takes the wisdom of thousands and thousands of moms and makes is searchable! You can head to {Read More}

Speak Now For Kids: Join Me in this Grassroots Movement

Did you know that there are 8.8 million children (about 11 % of all children) who are not insured in the United States? It is this staggering, sad and scary statistic that gave me a kick in the butt motivated me to become involved with the Speak Now for Kids grassroots movement. Speak Now for Kids is a grassroots movements to ensure that children’s needs are included in health care reform. We must be their voice to let Congress know {Read More}